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Quixel Mixer. Creation of PBR material with displacement in 3D-Coat.

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In this video, we will talk about using 3D-Coat to create a Displacement map with PBR material without UV and retopology, as well as importing this material into Quixel Mixer.

Video content:


00:00 - 00:18 - Intro


00:18 - 1:23 - About what we will talk in this tutorial


1:23 - 3:00 - Load Tiled Box 3 * 3 preset in 3D-Coat. Demonstration of extruding a new layer by using Vox Layer and the new curves.


3:00 - 4:20 - Demonstration of 3D Layers. Drawing a worm and painting with a PBR material. Demonstration of different brush settings for painting.


4:20 - 4:38 - Use pressure to draw a transition from matte to glossy.


4:38 - 5:06 - Export to PBR material by using Export Along Depth Y.


5:06 - 5:47 -  Creating a new mix in Quixel Mixer, loading a Paint-layer and import the all PBR textures into it.


5:47 - 6:18 - The ending. Video preview of other lessons. A subscription button, as well as a button for support on Patreon.


Enjoy watching!

Best regards, Andrew Krivulya aka Charly.

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