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[Solved] UV Sets versus UV maps

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Hi - I'll admit I've got confused over this, and not for the first time.  I'm working in Lightwave 2015.3, and 3DC 4.8.25(GL64).

I open an object into the UV room, and that contains two meshes with two surface material names, but no UVs yet.  The dialog in 3DC offers a UV set per material, so I click OK.  But once open, only the first material that was in the list gets a UV set.  The meshes are there, the surface materials are there, but only one set.

That's the first confusion.

The second: are UV sets actually separate UV maps, that can be exported, or are they only a UV management tool within 3DC?

In addition, when I create a UV set, it adds a surface material of the same name to the list, when the surfaces are already named.

When I export the meshes again, in LWO format, only the first listed UV set is exported as a UV map; I was assuming that UV sets would export as separate UV maps.  Obviously that assumption was me, and seems incorrect.

I have checked the docs and watched several vids, but not found anything covering this whole process.  Surely on import, if 3DC offers to create UV sets per surface material, surely they should appear in the UV set menu.  Likewise with exporting the model, and the UV maps created in 3DC.

Would appreciate any insight.  Thanks.

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Hope this help


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