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[Solved] How do I edit brush alphas ?

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I reviewed Javis' video on doing this. I got a bunch of brushes that are psd files, but most do not have the full gamut of layers/channels that Javis discusses, and are not following the naming convention he prescribes..

Were the psd files just re-made into .mclp? Javis shows a UI that is fairly old. mclp files do not open in PS if I change the extension to psd.

I think I am dealing with an "old" way of doing things vs the "new" way.


I am trying follow Javis' tracks and edit an existing working alpha so I can figure out how to fix these "broken" brushes.


Thanks for the help!



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The tip I can tell you is this:

I know it's not what you'd like to hear, but for me it's the best option to deal with in creating alphas or stencils:

The most practical and easy way to create alpha in 3D-Coat and I always do this is to drag this Alpha (texture) from your Explorer to the Alpha palette. 3D-coat will automatically create for you the alpha with all channels.

Remember that if you want a 16-bit alpha (texture) that has logically more quality, convert or save your alphas (texture) in TIF, PNG or EXR format (which are the only extensions currently accepted by 3D-Coat in 16-bit) and then import it into 3D-Coat.

If you want to edit these alphas, I advise you to open the original alpha (texture), make your changes, save to the appropriate extension, and then import Alpha again into 3D-Coat.
That way, you avoid making mistakes by changing a file with 4 layers (Color, Height, Spec, Erase), it's much easier to work on your original alpha (texture) with just a single layer.

I always do it that way with my alphas and stencils. If I find that it is not working correctly, I delete that alpha or stencil from the palette, open the original file, manipulate that file, save it, and import it into 3D-Coat until it's the way I want it to be.

I hope it helps

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@jima I'm glad I helped you!
This is my number one method today. I will never have problems that way!
I hope you have great results and great work!

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