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L'Ancien Regime

I've been watching Twin Peaks season 3 and blowing my mind on its CG

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I thought, this has to be Houdini. The purple ocean in particular had to be Houdini Ocean. So I started looking for info and it came down to a company called BUF.  Like a lot of high end companies they don't use anybody's software. They created their own; B Suite.






We’ve regrouped all our powerful integrated software in 2 separate packages.

Bcreative Suite includes all the tools BUF has built and improved to ease the creative process : A complete 3D pipeline studio from modeling, dynamics, animation to high end rendering, a node-based compositing software, a batch process manager and many more…

Bpipeline Suite is the collection of efficient tools creating a coherent pipeline that meets productions biggest challenges in Full CG Animated films and live actions movies especially regarding financial constraints : A production management tool, an asset management tool and many more…

Only Bview is available so far! Bcreative Suite is coming progressively, then Bpipeline Suite. Interested in Bsuite or just one of these software. Register now and find out more.









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