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CUDA 2.2 beta


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So CUDA 2.2 beta was just release earlier this month, being the non programmer i am i was wonder what if any improvements could 3DCoat benefit from it?

* Hardware debugger for the GPU. Linux developers can now use a debugger on CUDA-enabled GPUs that offers both the familiar interface of the popular open-source GDB debugger and the ability to debug kernels as they execute on the GPU. The GPU-side debugger has all the features that developers expect from GDB, including the ability to have breakpoints, watch variables, inspect state, etc., as well as additional functions for CUDA-specific features.

* Visual Profiler v2.2 for the GPU. The most common step in tuning application performance is profiling the application and then modifying the code. The CUDA Visual Profiler is a graphical tool that enables profiling C applications running on the GPU. This latest release of the CUDA Visual Profiler supports full measurement of memory bandwidth within a kernel, giving developers visibility into one of the most performance-critical areas of CUDA.

* Full support for Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008. Tesla C1060 and S1070 are now fully supported under both Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2008, offering developers and high-performance computing users more flexibility in their choice of operating system. CUDA 2.2 runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and major Linux distributions.

Additional CUDA 2.2 features include:

* Improved OpenGL interop performance

* Texture from pitch linear memory

* Zero-copy support for direct access to system memory

* Pinned shared system memory allows compute kernels to share system memory

* Asynchronous memcopy on Vista

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This is something that I would like to see. Linux version with CUDA support. That would be GREAT. Nvidia drivers runs so smoothly in my ubuntu system. Feature list looks very promissing so Cuda is getting bigger and stronger.

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