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I'm a CG artist, how can I help MH project?


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I know there are many good modelers here and with hope even if only a couple volunteered for the endeavor this would be great. I am planning on doing this myself as well. If there are any volunteers please contact: info@makehuman.org

Help MakeHuman

you know I actually hate make human because the only thing it aspires to do is put small town artists out of work. Just think of it; your local community center or whatever wants to make a small CG walkthrough of a new building or something or another. Instead of coming to a local artist for the modeling of human models they just use MakeHuman. Now how is taking money away from artists a good thing?

I'll never understand why anyone would contribute to MakeHuman.

Maybe they should make some open source software to tackle world hunger not the "artist problem"

Just too many of them. They need to go work in a factory yeah.

That said, there will always be the Leonardi da Vinci who is never threatened but 14 year old Susan from down the street will have tons more competition to find artist work when she's first starting out even if she doesn't plan to make a career of it.

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