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What's New in 3DCoat 4.9.57

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What's New in 3DCoat 4.9.57


- Essential renderer update! Screen Space Reflections and Lights! The renderer provides much more realistic results now. Enable Beta Tools to get access to the feature, and then tick corresponding checkboxes in the Render room.



- Translation symmetry supported! (requires enabling Beta as well)


- 3D-Connexion support was completely rewritten from scratch. So it may differ in feeling, but FPG is bigger now.

- Cut&Clone supports symmetry and soft booleans.

- Important symmetry addition - "Translation symmetry". It is enabled only if BETA tools enabled. It allows to paint/create periodical structures in space.

- Downgrading voxel mesh return to voxel mode if you edit the proxy.

- Correct job of Sketch tool, correct interaction of sketch with new curves.

- Correct move for move in voxel move when there is no immediate voxelization.

- Correct support of selected volumes during Sculpt booleans. 3D-Coat tries to keep selection unchanged whenever possible.

- Possibility to disable axial translation bars.


- The Activity Bar on the top right introduced. It shows the current state of mask/material/shader/vertexture etc. This is a Preview/Beta feature, activate via Preferences/Beta.


- Projector tool, see the Navigation Panel, light icon. The tool allows you to project any texture through the whole scene, just like a projector-lit image. This is convenient when working with references, the tool would not affect any color or material properties.


- Undercuts tool got the possibility to create injection moulds. This is a Beta feature, present in 3DCoat 4.9.xx temporarily for testing purposes and the preview.


- Primitives in Voxels got important improvement – great quality of edges even under low resolutions. The Edges are smoothed a bit instead of pixelation.


Note: All BETA tools are work-in-progress features that are provided as is. We will continuously improve the Beta toolset up to the release of the next-gen version of 3DCoat. That toolset is planned to be a part of that next-gen 3DCoat release.



- Possibility to disable axial translation bars.

- Cut&Clone supports symmetry and soft booleans.

- Downgrading Voxel Mesh returns to voxel mode if you edit the Proxy.

- Correct support of selected volumes when doing Sculpt booleans. 3DCoat tries to keep the selection unchanged whenever possible.

- Freeze with empty STL fixed.

- Correct job of the Sketch tool, correct interaction of Sketch with New Curves.

- Correct movement for Move in the Voxel Move mode when there is no immediate voxelization.

- Opacity slider for the color of the Smart Material layer added. It solves the old standing problem when layers with white color become transparent.

- Cutoff with new curves improved, more accurate cutoff.

- "Smooth All" in voxels got a degree that may be  > 1. So you may repeat smoothing multiple times.

- When the curve tool active the transform gizmo disabled.

- View->Show voxels in the paint room stored in settings will be kept between sessions.

- Correct resizing primitives icons.


BETA FEATURES (All of them require enabling Beta features in Edit->Preferences->Beta):

- Angular pinch modified to change the Pinch and Flatten independently. Roof Pinch Brush introduced.

- Normal and application points are taken independently in the Brush engine. Example of use - Cut Slice brush.



- Stencils supported in the Brush engine.

- A bit slowed translation with Space mode for the better control, especially in Ortho mode.

- Boundary green ref image Gizmo part works correctly.

- Fixed "grey pattern" problem when caching.

- The Axial tool works correctly in voxels, instance off.

- Color control issue fixed.        

- Activity bar disappearing fixed.    

- Problem related to the Merge down (empty layer) fixed.    

- Problems related to 3D-lasso + hide fixed.

- Crash in scenes that contain references fixed

- Complex faces triangulation in Paint and Retopo rooms fixed.

- Problem when user assigns a read-only folder as the data path fixed. Now 3DCoat checks if the folder is writable or not. In case 3DCoat wouldn’t load up, it offers instructions on what to be done.

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