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3DCoat Team - for providing a 3d model sculpting and painting program that I can afford - for being very, very smart - for working hard and for believing in yourself - for being an outstanding example of what hard work and belief can produce. For persistence. Thank you for documentation (that I am wading through - bit by bit).

I forget how I stumbled onto this site, but I could very quickly see the joy and trust that you have provided this community. I for one will have to work very hard to learn how to work your program, and in doing saw get a grip on how the 3d world works. I've used models before with a favorite node-based program called Terragen - so at the moment, my very primitive work flow is:

1: find base object (or use 3dCoat to produce)

2: mess it up in 3dCoat (my problem, not 3dCoat problem)

3: export obj files

4: render into Terragen (which I'm about 20 percent competent with)

5: postprocess using photoshop

A relaxing hobby that allows me to constantly learn (frustrating though that process may be).

Again --- Thanks!!


Oh, lest you think I know what I'm doing (because I don't), the Terragen community is very sharing with their "tgd" files, I used such a file that an Avatar called Dune provide to create the waves and beach.


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