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Moved UV outside 0,1 range

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I have a model that has multiple layer sets and I'm trying to separate them correctly. I moved the face and hands to it's own layer by creating "Add new UV set" and then selecting the faces in the UV Preview.

I then used the Move Set and it moved them into the new layer.

I then Apply UV-set and tried to open in Substance Painter and Maya LT. Both of them showed me that the UV's are outside the 0,1 bounds.

I'm pretty sure I missed a step somewhere. If someone can point me in the correct direction.




UV Stretch 3D Coat.png

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Hi and welcome !

3DC will look at UV tiles as UDIMs, and will allow you to import and export them. The function is currently called "Import UV Tiles as UV Sets". It was called "Import UV Tiles as UDIM"

When you are importing, from the import prompt, there is a tick box that says "Import tiles as UDIMs". That should do the trick.

Each UV tile must be a 'UV set' in 3dcoat.

The basic workflow:

import your obj and make sure "Import Tiles as UV Sets" is on

in the UV room in the set dropdown you'll see 1001, 1002 etc for each of your UDIM tiles.

go to File/Export Objects and Textures

check "Export UV Sets as Tiles"

you'll get textures for each UV tile. The name of the UV set will be used in the exported file name of the map.

If, when you apply these output textures, you find that the UDIM number in the files don't match to the correct UV tiles (1001 -> u 0, v 0, 1002 -> u 1 v 0 etc), you have to rename the sets in the UV room, by clicking on the set drop down, and choosing rename. 


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That helped a lot! I am now understanding how this works better.

With that said, as you can see in the first image, that is from Maya LT. You can see the UV's are stretched to the other tile.

When you try to load that into Substance Painter, you will get an error that your UV's are crossing over tiles. Check.

In 3DC, I have no way of knowing ( as far as I'm aware of ) that the UV's are crossing over tiles. Is this a function that I just haven't turned on for the UV Preview looks correct.


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No, there isnt any tool for that

Looks as you need more seams to cut this errors.

And yes, on spainter Uvs cant cross tiles.

Try moving that vertex first on MayaLT before export it.

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