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[Tip] Vox Layer with spacing


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It is not possible using VoxLayer. 

Sidenote: You can also modifying Extrude > Tool options > Edit Brush parameters > Brush Stroke > Spacing > 1

Tool options.jpg


To add new geometry over the mesh's surface > Select Tube/Array tool. Draw a curve and choose Attach tube or models array



* Splines and also Sculpt models can be used to fill with new geometry (attach tube or models array)


Hope it help

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Workaround only available on Surface mode:

Create a Sculpt layer with your model

Switch to Paint Room. Turn ON View > Show voxels on Paint Room.

Select Freeze Tool

Stroke Panel (E): Select Constant Presure with Border Width = 0

Border Width.jpg


Top middle settings, use this values. Contrast can be vary to adjust brush opacity. 

Top Panel.jpg


Brush Option Panel: Spacing = 400 (just for testing purpose)

Brush Option Panel.jpg


- Result



Go back to Sculpt Room, select Vox Layer tool > Apply


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