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Looking for some tips or tricks to remove faceting in voxel mode

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I am following an old tutorial on youtube to get more familiar with the workflow. We use the blob tool and a curve to create a custom shape. After I apply the curve I get shot up to 1.5+ mil polys as well as a ton of faceting. Is there a way to remove faceting in voxel mode. Other than manually smoothing things out

Why so faceted.jpg

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Windows version: 2021.57

The new curves in some situations still will faceted the surface. Needs improvement.

You could try the below:

Use the old 4.9 curves. 

How to:

Preferences----Beta----Allow splines from V4.9

In the e-panel the old splines/curves become available. 

Picture shows old curves with no faceting using the blob brush. 

You can choose your border. Round, plane or sharp plus the little small drop down icon has more options also.


old curves.jpg

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