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macOS Control Key can't be used in 'Standard' way

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I've been meaning for years to this bring up. When I get around to it, I'll contact support if its necessary.

In general on macOS, the 'control' key on the keyboard + click (LMB-click or pen-click) brings up a contextual menu - the same one as a RMB-click if you have a multi-button mouse.

In general on macOS, the 'command' key (⌘) is the most common modifier for shortcuts (⌘C=Copy, ⌘P=Paste, ⌘S=Save, ⌘N=New, ⌘O=Open etc.)

In 3D-Coat on macOS, the control key and command key have the exact same function (I think to make the PC>Mac coding simpler?)  

So, in 3D-Coat, the control key + click is lost as a way to access the contextual menu. I don't use the buttons on my pen (feels too awkward).

So, I have reach up and use my 2 button mouse that is only there for this reason!

Also, my navigation all done with keyboard and pen click can't be set up work as I'd like for the same reason.

In other applications I use 'control + option + pen click' for Pan, 'option + command + pen click' for Zoom and 'option + pen click' for Rotate.

In 3D coat I can't set that up because control and option are the same thing :(

Does anyone else find this frustrating?

Any chance it will be fixed?

Thanks in advance. Shift Studio.

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