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[Solved] Cleaning tools for 3D scan


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Hi !

First, I have to say this is strange to post here this kind of question, regarding what's happening in Ukraine.... I feel... uncomfortable. But, should we stop using 3DCoat and making this alive ? I don't know...

I'm starting to really go inside photogrammetry for reverse engineering, 3d printing... As you can see on the attached pictures (broken freezer handle, glued just for taking pictures), I'm now pretty happy with my raw scan results.

But now, I have to clean all this.

I know, the best here would be to measure it, and draw it with something like Fusion 360 I really know well. But it's not how I'll learn 3DCoat and its tools.... Also, you'll tell me to retopo it by hand, and I agree, even with 3DCoat or Blender, which I sometimes use... But again, I don't want to learn that for now.

I want, here, to clean it by smoothing faces, sharpening edges, filling unnecessary cavities (this is a 2 parts handle, I'll 3Dprint it as a single simplified part), even cut the bottom parts and recreate resulted missing parts by copying (the new copy tool would do this, maybe)...

Well, could you point me the right tools to use ? Or maybe a tutorial wich cover the needed tools ?

Thanks you very much



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