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[BUG] Multiple imports link textures to wrong UV set

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When sending 2nd object with different material/uv set from Blender through Applink and 3DCoat asks to merge scenes, the new textures are linked to the old uv set instead of the new imported uv set. Also some textures are missing, old layers disappear,... basically things get weird.

Same thing happens when I tried exporting from Blender to obj then importing multiple obj's to 3DC.


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2 objects with 2 different materials and textures, I will send the cube to 3DCoat first, then the sphere:


The cube comes in with "Cube" UV set, a new layer for the texture "Cube Base Color":


Now the sphere:


3DCoat asks to merge:


As you can see, after the sphere comes, there are 2 UV sets as expected, but texture-UVset links got messed up. Also the new layer isn't named after the "Sphere Base Color" texture, idk what's going on there.


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Looks like that but it even offers you the option to merge so I don't think it's by design. More likely some bug on import. If you send both objects at once then there's no problem.

For small local projects sending everything together is fine. But for bigger or more detailed scenes where you go back and forth between Blender and Coat, this is a headache.


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