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How to split body parts if there is an intersection between them?


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Hello everyone, I'm curious about how I could split the mesh using multiple curves. The issue is that there is an intersection between the arms and the legs. Is there an option to hide a part of the mesh like in ZBrush, and then cut it? The way I tried was: I selected the curve and then right-clicked to "Split sculpt object by curve." but didn't work. Thank you in advance.

Photo Example

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Also there is the Surface hide tool in Surface Mode which is closer to Zbrush's hide tool as it is polygon based.

You can use brushes or splines

Surface mode is polygon base. Click the V icon in the Sculpt tree Panel to turn the Voxel object to surface. 

Whichever way you choose of course there is going to be some clean up as you have intersecting parts.

If you want the hidden geometry to be on a different layer Under the Geometry Tab select Separate Hidden Volumes in either Voxel or Surface mode.

If you choose to use Split Tool in Voxel mode pay attention to the Split Border Width in the top Panel. "0" adds no extra voxel material to the split. Higher values add voxel material. Default is 2.50.

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Some Voxel brushes now can be used for Vox hide. You do not need to select vox hide first. Check under each Voxel brush's Tool options panel to see if the voxel hide is there.  

Hold down CTRL key to brush back hidden parts.

Your depth settings work both ways in brushing to hide parts and unhiding parts.

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This post has pegged my interest. 

What do you do when you have intersecting parts with another part that is close but not intersecting.

I use a Voxel brush not the voxel hide tool to hide the intersection. You do not have really precise here, not sloppy either. 

Brush enough material away till you can use a spline to incircle parts of the mesh you want to hide.

Now brush back the hidden voxel material on the part that is not hidden. You can tell when you start brushing back too much hidden material. If you do np, just use the brush on a lower depth limit to re-hide and then brush it back again.

Once done, Separate the hidden part to its own layer.

Clean up some and you are done.

Picture shows end result of this process after some minor clean up.

The arms were slightly intersecting each other with a sphere close by.  They are now on separate layers.

Note. You could have used a spline with a depth limit (setting in the E-Panel as well but I was testing brushing. 

If you have many parts to do:

Delete the hidden under the geometry tab.

Then rinse and repeat the same process.




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