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3.2.03 Baking to Ptex from surface mode problems.

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Baking to Ptex from surface mode generate big spikes on mesh in paint room.

To reproduce.

1-merge 3DCoat Creature.obj sample to voxels to approx 300 000 polys

2-Smooth All a few times and add a little details here and there in surface mode.Do not exit surface mode.

3-In retopo room reimport creature.obj lowpoly.(also see note)

4-Merge to Ptex using any settings.

---result:model has big spikes around legs area.

If model is brought from surface back to voxels before merge: no spikes.

Note:also trying snap,relax or subdivide at step 3 generates big spikes too. Maybe it is unrelated.

Hope you are able to reproduce. :)

I will try with others .obj tomorrow.

I think Creature.obj is a good test subject because it got very thin and very large areas.

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