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  1. Some input from a C4D convert. Upfront I will state that I am purely a hobbiest, not in any way likely to ever use 3D as a way to earn a living. However I too looked at the numerous high end 3D apps, and tried most of the well known ones. I knew it was going to take about 2 years of saving to afford such a luxury (in my hobbiest capacity) so I really wanted an app that not only made sense to me, that I felt comfortable with, but also one that I could grow into, as my skills developed. A personal preference was that I preferred an app that covered a LOT of areas (just incase I should need some capability that I usually don't need, but may in the future). I had used most of the usual low cost/ free apps blender/ truespace etc etc. 2 years working with Maya ple... I liked it a lot, it made sense to me and it covered most bases really well. BUT alas the price was just crazy for me as a hobbiest. Blender still just kinda almost but never quite clicks with me, even with this latest beta. hard to explain, it just doesn't float my boat, but for sure it's very capable. Max... hmmm tried it years ago, and personal feeling was it felt kind of bolted together sort of, it just didn't click for me. Powerful for sure. So I looked at XSI, Modo, LW, C4D. my personal summary of why I chose the app I did Xsi, very powerful, very strong rigging tools, a workflow that made sense to me, the possibility for ICE to do some amazing things. Lovely interface, very easy to get around. Modo, I liked it, but for me character animation/rigging was always going to be in a future version, and even then would be unproved, maybe need refined? LW. No offence but the interface is out of the ark. OK OK I know it,s the tools that matter. Reputed to be a very capable app. What put me off was the sheer volume of people that opted to use Messiah for rigging. I wanted a single powerful learn one workflow kind of app. I did not want to need to update 2 apps. (admittedly for a lot lower cost) I didn't want to learn TWO new apps. So why C4d. 1st off, because I could buy a basic version plus a few of the most useful modules for me right now. Then I could add the (well I might need that one day) modules in small afforable chunks over the next couple of years. (Which I have now almost done) But principly, Its modelling tools are comprehensive (If a little dated). The rigging tools are lovely just out of the box (yep you can, if you wish, purchase a 3rd party well respected plugin that refines even further the workflow) You have all the basics, very well implimented, but also nice stuff like muscle flexors etc. Body paint is included in the core app, and is fantastic app in it's own right. Being able to easily paint a model in 3d within the same app as polygon modelling is still refreshing even after 2 years.Because it's integrated, there is little relearning of yet another inferface, etc. It also reads .psd which is a time saver. The projection end of it is totally amazing, but woefully documented. Obviously it has it's own "fairly" comprehensive UV editor. I bought the advanced render module. Whilst I am a hobbiest, the quality is great for what I want, and it supports GI etc. Baking of textures/ light etc is so easy it's embarressing. particles, rigid,softbody dynamics etc, its all available, and all using the same interface "thinking" throughout the app, it just feels like it was made as a whole, not an app with bits bolted on. The scripting language (coffee) can be easily used even by a non scriptor like me. A python addon is now officially sanctioned by maxon. So 2 years after purchase am I still impressed?.... Well pretty much YES. Some things I would note are. The included html type searchable help, is huge,comprehensive, but at times just mubo jumbo speak. The modelling tools get the job done without fuss, but I hanker a little for the nicities of some silo ideas (double click an edge to select an edge loop) that sort of stuff. The principle source of free tutorials is C4DCafe.com Brilliant site, and real nice host too! Ciniversity (Maxons own video tutorial site) whilst it has lots of free vid tuts, it is not long before you need/desire the "members" only tuts, that's expensive (in my view) The only plugin I found I really HAD to get was riptide, (a free or pro version)for export/import of .obj files in a more comprehensive format than is supplied (groups, material sorting etc). The pro plugin is a pitence. Well worth the money. Native C4D supports pretty well most well known 3D file formats (Currently I am having an issue with Collada export, but it may be the external app that is causing the problem).If I am honest I purchased a seperate program (UVLayout) as my only other "more comprehensive" option. A personal preference of tool set more than anything. Not a MUST have critical replacement. It's probably the most stable app I have ever used, and I remember black screens with green writing, when bulletin boards was where it was at lol. 300 baud dialup anyone? Everything about the interface, just makes sense to me, it follows what seems naturely logical to me. Go to say body Paint from modelling and the interface just ties in, it all flows, with no hunting for where did they put that button sort of thing. It's easy to customise both the interface and hotkeys. Have I used even one third of it's capabilites yet? Not even remotely close, always discovering new capabilities that I hadn't even thought of when I purchased, it's like the most comprehensive toybox/toolbox I ever had To be fair the only thing holding back the app is me... and that's why I can still grow into it, exactly what I wanted and what I got.I wanted an app that I wouldn't have to update frequently, but could if I won the lottery. The only modules I didn't buy were the cell/cartoon shader (can't remember exact name) and mograph. Some of the "effectors" I notice have been sneaked out of the base package and into the mograph module. Hmm thats a pity for future purchasers who don't buy mograph module. I purchased 1 version update about 6 months after initial purchase. Point upgrade value for money I would rate as just erring on a little pricey for what it included, but not unreasonable. Approx 6 free updates for bug fixes, but all for bugs that I hadn't even encountered, as I said I find it to be incredibly stable. You just kind of always get what you expect, without any nasty surprises/quirks. Very little in the way of "new" capabilities included in the interim updates. One thing I have noticed, you never get ANY idea what is likely to be in a future payable point update, Maxon just go quiet for months, and then it gets anounced. (maybe they see what happens over at zbrush hq lol) Obviously this is all opinion/preference, and I am an amateur. No doubt every high end 3D app has it's enthused supporters, and for good reason, but I must say, C4D is probably the best designed high end app I have purchesed in 30+ years of computer use. IKHandel
  2. Hi all I recently stumbled across an amazing FREE app that is just in a league of it's own, both for quality and usefullness. How it is free is beyond me, but heck don't look a gifthorse in the mouth! There are absolutely loads of uses I can think of that just about anyone would find useful Heres a couple of scenarios I can think of straight off the top of my head Scenario 1 You are using 3DC and can't figure out how to do something. Your mate (also a 3DC user) is online using msn or whatever. HE knows how to do whatever it is you don't. So you text him a simple copied and pasted link AND SOLUTION....Crank up this free app and in realtime your mate can see your screen and any app you chose to show. You have the option to give them control of your app (3DC in this case) and in realtime use the app as though they are sitting at your computer. add to this the fact that you are now in realtime voice chat (Using the app as a free addon to skype) and you have the perfect adhoc free collaboration/software support/sharing tool!! For ZERO cost Scenario 2 You have this model you are just busting to show a friend (or up to 20 freinds at the same time) SOLUTION Send a pm/ aim/msn email or whatever with a simple copied and pasted link to your impromtu screen/voice share. You can even paste a link button to the "meeting" on your blog page or website. Scenario 3 Your computer is playing up, you aren't into all that techy stuff, but your friend would know how to fix it SOLUTION Send them a link and let them fix the problem right in front of your eyes! ITS free, its secure, theres no techy firewall stuff to sort out.. it just works right away, it does NOT require your "guests" to have the program, and it works it simply works and really really well!! Wish I had this years ago it's just SO useful! Anyway heres the link, I hope you find it as useful as I do! How this is free is just jaw dropping http://www.mikogo.com/en/ IKHandel
  3. Ref :- Truespace Just thought I would chime in here as an ex Truespace beta tester . With MS pulling the plug on truespace a few months back the app and ALL its vid tuts are now completely free. How long the caligari forums/site stay up is a ticking clock, It can't be long before that facility is removed. If you need to find all the hardcore users/movers that now keep the Truespace flame alive, (in fact I see they are still actively improving it) the place to look is now http://www.united3dartists.com/ Whilst you are at it check out the "shared spaces" thread on that site for some TS shared space inspiration (free scenes for shared online spaces)... pretty amazing stuff. Heres the link to a very clever free TS addon. For sure this is a load of fun!(Realtime webcam/video projection onto 3D objects in shared space) http://www.siprogs.sk Have fun IK PS If you get into Ts a bit PM me, I have a partial addon (free) that enables realtime shared modelling in shared space. Unfortunately the TS development plug was pulled before ALL the modelling tools got implimented for shared space, but even what I have still really rocks. Shared space as it officially stand is great for galleries, animation, multy realtime viewers in same space with text chat. A friend and myself really pushed this area of TS with tons of research bla bla, shame it ended prematurely. Incidently adding free Skype voice conference calling to a shared modelling/animation session is just amazing... loads of fun. Hmm nostalga.. getting carried away there lol apols for the fanboy zeal Edit: Obj files CAN be imported/exported with TS both as a free option (but more time consuming) or with a low cost ($15 ish) plugin developed by Frootee... a real nice guy (you will find Frootee on the united artists forum, linked above) @ 3D_Sculptress I have Iclone 3. From what little i know about IClone (I haven't really used it much) Truespace shared spaces is a much more straight forward way to get OBJ and textures in and out of a shared space. IE ANY when a user enters a TS share space, they automatically have a temporary download of the complete space (including the space itself) plus any included objects(complete with textures) placed as a cache on their own pc. Its just a simple copy and paste to permanently keep anything within the scene, IE any obj files complete with textures. even animated textures. The only downside of TS shared spaces is any visitor MUST have the Shared space viewer or the full TS app pre installed on their computer. HTH IK