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  1. its a real shame. silo had so much potential, it kind of grew out of control and they gave up aside from stability its makes blender, maya, max, and voidworld look slow and cumbersome. They could really learn from silo... (edit: voidworld does)
  2. yeah I wish they'd sell the source or something.
  3. this was a mistake on their part. they're not giving this away for free. The versions folks are downloading were created because the authentication servers for CS2 are being taken down, rather than cutting off CS2 users from being able to run their software they made versions that didnt require internet activation. some fool then put them in an unsecure location
  4. Must be one of Xenu's DC-08s
  5. I think alot of the negativity was because autodesk's version was utterly shite. It made the max viewport randomly freak out, and broke network rendering with backburner(that blew my mind, render nodes with the viewcube dll would simply crash until you removed it.) Maya's original solution was really nice.
  6. Technically it looked great. story was pretty woeful though, also some of the later comps really let it down. I wouldn't be surprised if the end got rushed (seems to be the way with these things) That said it seems to have done its job of improving blender. Cycles is swiftly becoming a very very nice rendering engine, and the tiled compositor/tracking/masking tools look really great. I think these open films have been a fantastic driving force behind making blender better. before them it was being developed in a vacume. abn_ranger: why on earth would you want to use normal mapping in an offline renderer that can easily handle high polygon counts? what's your usage case? and why cant you use displacement mapping/regular bump? I know it would be nice but it sounds like your trying to use cycles for it job its not designed for. You can get comparable results on high frequency detail with either normal maps or straight bump maps. The real strength of normal maps is baking/countering low poly shading.. which isnt an issue offline.
  7. 3D-Coat 3.7 updates thread

    UV tiles thank you Andrew, this is a big thing for me!!
  8. Specular and glossiness maps

    coloured spec is standard these days in game art(not to mention rendering in general). its a very frustrating limitation not to be able to paint them. spec painting in general is very awkward in 3dc
  9. Autoretopo wish

    This would be nice indeed. Also it would be great if the Auto retopo was available in the retopo room. Say if you could select an area of your high poly and engage to tool only on that area. Being able to retopo defined areas would be much more usefull than all or nothing and It removes the need to segment your sculpt
  10. REAL Ambient Occlusion, Why we need it.

    there are many little things, next time I'm using 3DC ill write a list, stick it online here and see what are bugs and what im just doing wrong. Hopefully ill be doing some modelling soon. Im working on a new disney show at the moment and its primarily 2D.
  11. REAL Ambient Occlusion, Why we need it.

    :/ personally I'm close to giving up on 3DC and moving to a more polished/focused app like Zbrush or Mudbox. It just doesn't seem to be going in the direction I thought it would when I bought it(not that I'm blaming anyone, its just not going my way). There are 3 ways to paint meshes none of which are up to date with the competition in terms of polish and speed. Don't get me wrong some of the features are fantastic, allot of them leave me ripping my hair out though.
  12. Retopo mesh preview

    I've been asking for this for 2 years now. good luck.
  13. Point clouds and Voxels are different things. So far as I understand it Point clouds are a very dense 'clouds' of arbitrarily positioned coloured points. Voxels are Grids of on/off cells which represent volume.
  14. Garagarape sketchbook

    Chromatic Abberation. the colour fringing