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  1. Not a bad idea at all. So what is needed to export the scene? Camera (depth obviously) Lights textures Meshes What about materials? What about box mapped textures?
  2. My best wishes to all! Heracles The best TV set, his choice.
  3. What? Are you serious? Stopping this debate, right here. Good luck to all. And, happy new year
  4. I much enjoyed this video, not quite a tutorial, it is rather a fine presentation of the blender modeling tools. The making of a robot. A hard surf process.
  5. Really? Blender sculpting became a really powerful tool after Raul. Nicholas Bishop developed the dynamic topology tool. Nicholas also left blender for another job. Anthonis Riakiotakis fixed some issues and dyn-topo became a really serious sculpting tool. Blender foundation hired Antonis for the 2014-2015. He's a very skilled developer and a very good friend. Let's not forget that blender sculpting supports: A dyntopo system (like LC) up to 1-2 M only faces. (for the moment) Not that bad because blender provides an excellent re-topology mode And jump to a multi-res sculpting environment up to 40-80 millions faces per single mesh. You need a lot of RAM for this one but it is OK. Bake from multi-res (n-maps, displacements) is the best way, after all. Combine all the above with the excellent, yet simple and effective sculpting brushes of blender and… You may have a competitor of zbrush for free. LOL Though I own zbrush (and 3dc of course), blender became my basic sculpting app, recently. Start donating then. On the other hand, to have the basic developer in your home, working and sculpting together, talking on the behavior of the brushes, trying to fix possible issues or bugs… A dream came true. It is not about hobbyists and professionals It is about art.
  6. May not come handy Anatomy for artists is all we need. Blocking. Something like this http://www.anatomy4sculptors.com/?menu=10⊂=23#body
  7. Still no camera David? About the bandwidth, you're right. However we might share our screens. A dual displays setup is the best. It is strongly recommended
  8. yeah a bump coming from diffuse. I think I turned it to 0 (off) Well, I leave it to your creativity. Cycles is not a video game previewer You may wish to paint some bumpy texture and need a little bumpiness. On a following setup I could demonstrate how to use a box mapped texture, then you might use it as bump to. A nice sculpt in marble. What you gonna need for a fast, yet decent preview? Or… What about connecting cycles into 3dcoat? what about these box mapped ready shaders in 3dcoat? See my point? What do we need in cycles to recreate a 3dcoat scene? Like in 3dc render room?
  9. No Malo What you said was Which is wrong. GLSL BI and Cycles are compatible to the blender baking engine (else we should through blender out of the window) They are also compatible with the maya-blender exports of 3dcoat, BOTH NORMAL AND BUMP MAPS! If Maya and blender are on the wrong side, well… it is irrelevant to the thread.
  10. GLSL is compatible with cycles, BI, it works right if you export a maya-blender compatible export of 3dcoat. GLSL is compatible with Cycles, BI, when importing bumps-displacements from 3dcoat. Grey = 0 displacement, Positive values in cycles, BI, GLSL is the right way to go. @Malo You are doing something very wrong, obviously. I can't help you more. You better ask for further help in the blenderartists forum.
  11. But, still can't understand GSLS, BI and cycles use the same tangent space. What about the inverted bumps? This is more weird. On your bump -displacement map, blacks are for lower and whites are for upper areas, right? If yes, cycles, BI, GLSL (and the displacement modifier), all will work right without inverting. If not, there is one possible reason only. Inverted normals of surfaces.
  12. Something like this, then? I still don't understand why to invert the bumps.
  13. @Malo Yeah, I forgot to mention it. SSS still not supported in GPU mode. Though I added it as an option (turned it off as you may noticed in the next to it mix node), it will conflict under GPU rendering. Better get rid of the SSS shader for GPU rendering. I prefer the first one you posted, without the HDRI. I usually ass a hdri (strength ~0.4) to help my basic lighting set up and give some life to the reflections. we'll discuss it on a next nodes setup. About inverting green channel on n_maps and invert of the bump map. I also wonder why. Never happened to me on a 3dc to blender workaround. (however it happens on a zbrush to blender - default z settings) Normal maps: I suggest the maya-blender compatible setup. Bumps: it is a B&W image, it should work as it is. Please, check the normals / blender/edit mode/ select all/ CTRL+A. Optionally ask blender to show normals. (N panel/mesh display submenu/normals ) If you have re scaled the 3dc imported object, Never forget! CTRL+A / apply rotation And Scale. Apply it, even if you haven't rescale the mesh. On the N panel, on top, Rotation should be x y z = 0º Scale should be xyz=1.000 On another thread, I posted this setup, some months ago http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=14895&p=98673 Normal calculations=maya normal maps export=maya, blender Thank You David! Hangout saved us all. David helped me to realize that Malo had all the rights to complain. LOL A hangOut meeting. This is what we should try.
  14. Please, read carefully Read the screengrab I posted (with some comments on it) N_map is at 0 as I posted it. I had to, because if you don't apply anything as a n_texture/nmap it will become messy. Optionally, next to the normal map node there is a multiplier. Turn it to 0. If you don't mix a bump texture with n maps (yes, mixing bumps and n maps is possible in cycles) BTW, this is more advanced: I forgot to support an AO map. Oh my. OK, next setup is coming soon. But, I bet, 3dc mixes (multiplies it with color information on the diffuse texture). This option is not really the best for cycles. EDIT: It's me who should be more careful Malo, Apologies A fatal error. Please try the new version. I edited the previous post.
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