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Space Communists: Red Phobos

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Phobos has been a base for the space communists for over 200 hundred years. It was eventually reshaped to resemble the original leader of the Soviet Revolution - Vladimir Lenin.

Violent conflicts left numerous scars and craters on this moon but it is still one of the most powerful weapons in our solar system. It will help to continue the revolutionary fight against imperial transhumanists, inhuman AIs, and other degenerate factions until the final and inevitable Soviet victory!

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From the album:

Space Communists

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A kind of Soviet one up manship over Mt. Rushmore. I look forward to the day when open source AI replaces much of government. When commerce is replaced by replicators and service bots.

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Tony: Have a read of Ian Banks Culture series. One of the basic premises of that is once super high tech and automation is so advanced, anyone can have anything they want,  and we can entrust AI to run the place, the old economic and political labels would be pretty meaningless. Kind of like space communism, but with no governments (Because would government even make any sense in something as vast as space, when if you dont want to obey the government, you could just go off in space to somewhere else) and big friendly AI spaceships that leave humans to frolic in a sort of infinite fun world while the ship minds ponder the universe and how to make sure everyone, including the AI minds themselves, are all having a great time.

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