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  1. In voxel mode, upping the res makes the voxels smaller and they will disappear at sufficiently high res but Surface mode doesn't have the same problem.
  2. Tony Nemo

    Werner's 3D Coat Journey

    Great model and animation.
  3. Tony Nemo

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    So fine tuning on the algorithm? Maybe something like, If adjacent is vacant then pass on. This in reference to an earlier post.
  4. Tony Nemo

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    It seems to try and close the opening. Easy to repair.
  5. The fastest tool to fill an area with quads is the "RFill" tool. it might not be pretty but it will fill with quads.
  6. Using the Stroke tool, you can 'draw' a grid connecting with what you have and press Enter. Voila! a patch to fill out your example. The Points/Faces tool you are using is slower.
  7. Need more info. Dragging quads? where? Why? An image might help.
  8. I have had many stroke failures over time. Some leave random faces inside the model that must be ghosted to find and delete.
  9. Tony Nemo

    sculpt to retopo

    "with my current abilities in 3dc i keep exporting and importing the obj to the different rooms to do my steps" increases the danger of errors. Best to import to Sculpt >Retopo/Bake>Paint. If is important for you to save the original mesh, import to Retopo to get the mesh and save it as a .mesh. Then you can snap it to your sculpted object in Retopo. The 'object' in the UV room is baked, so no changes (in Retopo) will be allowed. If you wish to retopologize something, you must delete the baked version (Paint Object).
  10. Tony Nemo

    [Solved] Symmetry complications

    That's "crazy" enough to bring to the attention of the developers.
  11. No, I say "Back Face Culling" should definitely work . However, in the video, the Z bias is set at 10 whereas in the Digman example it is 0.1. So I don't think the "workaround" was properly done.
  12. Nobody seems to heed Digman's solution: Z bias = something very low. Mirror snap = 0.
  13. Tony Nemo

    pose tool - bug / feature ?

    Do be certain, was the selection de-selected or deleted?
  14. Tony Nemo


    What tool? Voxels? Does it have UVs? Great work!
  15. Tony Nemo

    Royal Hand

    What about the recoil?