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  1. Tony Nemo

    Family Tree

    Great collection! Whimsical and unique, congratulations.
  2. Capture the UV Map and save as an image file. then you can paint anywhere and still use the image file in your material. What do yo want to do, write notes?
  3. Tony Nemo

    My paint brush doesnt work, help ASAP

    Do some other newbie a favor and tell us what you figured out.
  4. Tony Nemo


    I see where she dropped her torch. Plenty of work to do before a torch will be needed again.
  5. Great stuff! A fine display of his tactile imagination.
  6. Tony Nemo

    retopo via decimate

    Should be checked for ngons.
  7. When I attempt to download .43, I get the following:which says there's a trojan. The next link gives this:
  8. Tony Nemo

    Scary M's Sketch book

    She looks very feminine.
  9. Tony Nemo

    Scary M's Sketch book

    Many thanks, Leigh! It tempts me to start modeling a femal head.
  10. Tony Nemo

    MY Sketchbook

    Some folks have googly eyes (from Barney Google and Snuffy Smith. now defunct).
  11. Tony Nemo

    Scary M's Sketch book

    Masterful, Leigh!
  12. Tony Nemo

    Scary M's Sketch book

    Nice mesh, going to apply morphs?
  13. Tony Nemo

    Scary M's Sketch book

    Excellent expression!
  14. Tony Nemo

    Correct update process

    I delete the unused folders. They accumulate like dust bunnies.
  15. Thanks Javis! Any plans for new tools documentation?