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  1. Please don't! I have found your contribution to the forum as one of it's more enlightening.
  2. Tony Nemo

    Maybe BUG? Brush engine issue

    Too bad it can't be a turn on/turn off feature. I can see where it might be useful.
  3. Tony Nemo


    I had problems but 4..34 enabled a clean exit. Rendered in C4D/Octane.
  4. Tony Nemo

    How to upload 3D texture from Photoshop to 3dCoat

    Whew! Thanks, Carlos!
  5. Tony Nemo

    How to upload 3D texture from Photoshop to 3dCoat

    In Paint mode, Project the image onto the model (with Symmetry on). I am not in 3DC currently, but the menu is in the upper right corner.
  6. Tony Nemo

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Works for me too (with the right menu). It used to be in the Popup menu.
  7. Tony Nemo

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    The UV Editor has disappeared from the Popup Menu? It was a handy way to fill separate islands with different colors. Where did it go?
  8. Tony Nemo

    Export Channels to Cinema 4d

    Perhaps Carlos doesn't have C4D, Octane, Redshift, Arnold, Maya, etc.
  9. Yes, I'm careful. I discovered that it creates seams even in an unwrapped area.
  10. Have you tried other unwrapping methods? Some will give awful results to some configurations.
  11. It works normally when used before any unwrap but if you unwrap and want to increase geometry, it makes seams that can't be erased.
  12. Tony Nemo

    Can't get SELECT to work in retopo room

    Turn Wireframe off (W) and you will see that there is nothing to Select. What is shown is the Sculpt mesh which can't be selected in Retopo.
  13. The Same version.Maybe something wrong with the file. Winch.3b
  14. Sometimes, it works fine in this case where it wont show.
  15. It makes you think twice about the Split Ring tool: Can you imagine getting the extra geometry with Add/Split?