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  1. In the Retopo room, you must adjust the inner and outer scan depth to eliminate those areas. They are generally visible in the depth adjustment phase. Remember to delete your spotted object from the Paint Objects window. You can't paint over the spots because there is no 'surface' to paint on as it wasn't scanned at the parameters you used.
  2. Tony Nemo

    [Solved] Strokes in surface mode

    Images help so others know where you are (in Paint?) And painting on meshes? Where is that? When you got rid of the voxel view and saw your character without the grey color, where is the mesh? You can paint on the model in the paint room.
  3. You can merge in various ways. Try "Merge visible" or one that fits your need in the right click menu.
  4. Screen grabs are very useful for others to see the problem.
  5. Tony Nemo

    [Solved] Strokes in surface mode

    Go to the Retopo menu and click on "Apply symmetry to " all or current layer to get rid of that red warning.
  6. Tony Nemo

    [Solved] Strokes in surface mode

    I've encountered this with closed meshes and I can't remember how I corrected it. Show some views (is the model in xray mode?) that show what you are working with.
  7. Tony Nemo

    Wait For It..!!!!

    Has all this been retopologized?
  8. Tony Nemo

    Bend UV island

    That's a tool (in PS) I use to fit an image to the UV island. Where does the "blob" originate? Can it be applied in the paint room? And why a rectangular grid in the first place?
  9. Keep in mind that, if the joins are hidden, there needn't be a boolean as you can make one object of the disjointed parts in Retopo.
  10. Tony Nemo

    Bend UV island

    I think this is a question for support@3DCoat. com
  11. Without a clear idea of your need, clean up the work you want to save and save the file. Import the stuff you want to update and prepare it for merger with your previous work , Merge the files and save your new project. Enable autosave and set the interval between savings to fit your work style.
  12. If you use auto save, there are 3 autosave.3dc files and one may be from a save previous to your final work.
  13. Octane requires CUDA so tied to Nvidea.
  14. Tony Nemo


    Aunque es muy fea pero buen hecho!
  15. Tony Nemo

    Stencil Preview glitchy

    Can't you paint your object with the stencil tiled over the whole view?