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  1. Subdvisional sculpting / muti-res sculpting has been a feature of every major 3D software out there. It allows for bottom-top approach like bringng a low-poly quad model with UV and sculpting on subdivided model keeping the UVs present and keeping original mesh intact. It's the way every normal production sculpting is done and it's always been strange that 3D Coat didn't have that ability.
  2. Alright, I have to take my words back that 2d paint or sphere tool are as good as old carve tool. Because I just wanted to do some carve concepts with square alpha and sphere tool is only doing spherical shapes. It is a huge limitation for design. I'll have to revert to 4.9.03 to use the old carve tool. Also, all my customers are getting screwed when they buy or watch my tutorials and my beloved carve tool is not behaving as I've shown. I think there wasn't a point to change it in the first place and it was a let down.
  3. Well, rectangular UV's where you could layout a gun for 4096x2048 would have been really awesome. Substance can't do that.
  4. Ah, yes, I was talking about that the brush has a completely changed behaviour from the previous versions. So in this video from 3 years ago - You can see you could draw in space around. Now it's impossible and people are complaining in the comments. It was a very powerful feature
  5. Yes, I have complaints from people who study using my tutorials from youtube or gumroad that Carve tool is not longer a "free" tool that allows to sketch in 3d. I was about to make a post about it and it's already here :)
  6. Hi all, Every now and then I manage to pick couple objects in the viewport. I just desperately need a way to pick objects in the viewport and then group them together. But I pressed all the buttons nothing seem to work. Cheers, Anton
  7. Hi all, It would have been great to be able to colour code layers in the layer panel like in Photoshop. When you deal with hundreds of layers it gets incredibly confusing very fast without colour coding. Cheers, Anton
  8. I can't post a feature request to a feature forum. There is no option to post there for me, not sure why. @Carlosan if you could send it to feature forum it would have been great. Request: Since voxels are a volume and can be treated as such I wanted to propose an idea to have real-time melting, erosion, some rain-like, wind-like damage. Imagine making cheese with some procedural volumetric effect. It might too hard to implement but the idea could be interesting for the developers. Cheers, Anton
  9. Hi all, I'm doing this grenade tutorial and I've been applying smart materials to high poly sculpts and it looks quite cool. However, is there a way to export the object with the textures out of 3d coat? As I understand it paints on vertices and it doesn't look like it is possible to export.
  10. Hi all, I've created this in-depth tutorial on designing a complex mech. The sale is running out but you can still apply this 50% off code - 3dcoat_forum50 (Limited to 5 codes) Gumroad link - https://gumroad.com/products/PtkDM/ Or you can just go check a bunch of free 3dcoat videos on my channel Cheers, Anton
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