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  1. AntonTenitsky

    Currently useless Noise Tool and how to improve it

    Hi AbnRanger, I can't really do a video specifically about lack of the Noise feature as it is not very informative or educational. I mentioned lack of the feature in number of my videos and added link to this thread in the last video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jht5wagE4I8 But thank you for approaching Andrew and telling him about it. I think there are still couple more things that could be improved to beat Zbrush. One is the "move" tool which acts quite funny and not very applicable for organic sculpting and that's the tool I used extensively in Zbrush. Also, masking isn't as easy and versatile as in Zbrush. Though, I understand that Andrew really wants to get texturing tools to be awesome, therefore sculpting isn't the prime focus atm.
  2. Hi all, So 3D Coat has got a noise tool for surface meshes kinda like in Zbrush. But it is almost utterly useless in any kind of serious work at the moment. The only real problem is that you can't save noise profile! The moment you are able to save the noise profile to reuse it the issue is solved for at least 80% I mean ideally you want to introduce all those Zbrush sliders as well to make it easier to edit but by just allowing users to save profile is HUGE! And this a stupidly easy thing to introduce. It's just a txt log of settings after all. You can do such a cool thing as save curves, but you can't save noise, come on! Thank you, Anton PS I'll do a video thanking 3D Coat devs and describe the Noise feature on my channel if it gets implemented.
  3. Hi all, I deal with hundreds of layers on regular basis. It would have been great if I could group layers by a material. I use this function in Maya all the time. Extremely, extremely useful. It doesn't look like it could be done with a simple script but maybe it could. Any help would be great.
  4. AntonTenitsky

    Improving batch renaming script

    Alright, I decided to add if else loops because I couldn't wait for an answer. I don't know how to make it rename inside parent layers so atm you have to select each one of the parents to continue renaming them. Also, you have to hide parent layers higher in the stack and only have visible one for renaming. Sigh... Hopefully, somebody more knowledgeable could make it a more versatile script void main() { Vox v; string x = GetCurVolume(); SelectFirstVolume(true); v.rename(x); for ( int i = 0; i < v.count(); ++i ) { if (i < 10) { v.at( i ).rename( x + "_00" + i ).parent(); } else if ( i > 9){ v.at( i ).rename( x + "_0" + i ).parent(); } else if ( i > 99){ v.at( i ).rename( x + "_" + i ).parent(); } } }
  5. Hi all, I'm pretty dumb scripter but I had a huge need in the renaming of 100+ layers so I came up with this: void main() { Vox v; string x = GetCurVolume(); v.firstForRoot().rename(x); for ( int i = 0; i < v.count(); ++i ) { v.at( i ).rename( x + i ).parent(); Wait( 100 ); } } It works but I don't know how to add intelligent zero padding to numbers like "003, 013, 334" I would be glad if we could improve this script. Cheers, Anton
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    Rocket Bot Concept

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    Stealth Drone

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    Tank Leopard

    Good stuff! :)
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