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  1. Incredible work of art. Many thanks for sharing. I can see the influence of a whale or hammerhead shark in this spaceship. Just brilliant!!!!
  2. As a long time user of Wings3D and Wings3D forum member I was not aware of Andrews involvement with Wings3D. I still like to fire up that app on ocassion.
  3. Sorry not interested in pouring anything onto the surfaces of my diecast cars. There are two many plastic parts glued onto the surfaces of the cars (mirrors, antennas, bumpers, etc) that can easily get broken or removed when dusting. Because of this most of my vehicles are kept in plastic display cases. Thanks for the tip but I would be very upset if I damaged one when removing the shampoo.
  4. Cool. I must take a look. I played with Meshroom 2019 but the number of photos to get acceptable results was exhausting. Since I'm a car nut most of my scans were of 1/24th & 1/18th scale model diecasts of cars which have a very shiny surface. Meshroom prefers matte finishes. With the nice weather now behind us in eastern Canada, I should have taken multiple photos of my real life 1960 Corvette for playing with in Meshroom.
  5. I've used the free version and like Rocket3F very much. If I did not already own Silo3D and Hexagon 3D, I would probably upgrade to the Pro version. I much prefer it's UI over NVIL which I found to be quite confusing....
  6. Agree I find the information confusing. I too would like to know what the upgrade cost would be as this information for current V4 pro users is lacking.
  7. kenmo


    Cool work....
  8. Wow....this looks cool... Thanks for sharing.... Would be a nice compliment to those that work in Vue...
  9. This happens to me quite a bit when I bring a model from Silo3D into 3D Coat. And ALL the time it is reversed normals. Did you check for flipped normals? Blender has an option to change all the normals to face outward or inward.
  10. Just came across on this on ASKNK youtube channel and thought I should share. HDRmaps has HDRI maps as a 3DCPACK and are free for downloading. https://hdrmaps.com/hdri-presets-for-3d-coat/ Cheers - take care & stay safe.... Kenmo
  11. How does ver 4 of Terragen now compare with Vue or even Bryce? I suspect it would be way beyond Bryce. But what about Vue?
  12. I thought some of you maybe interested in this... https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/Unsupported-How-to-Make-Dual-NVLink-Work-on-Windows-10-1688/ Quoting the link...
  13. Here's another ZB alpha I converted to 3DC alpha using the above process.... The only issue I noticed is when you load the brush it looks kind of jagged. However the results from the brush in the sculpt room are acceptable at least IMHO.
  14. 05 - After importing into 3DC as an alpha for use in the sculpt room. Seems to work but there maybe issues I have not encountered yet. Your results may vary from mine but of the 34 ZB alphas I've tried it on this afternoon, I've had no issues yet. Cheers...stay safe & healthy.... Kenmo
  15. 04 - With the mask applied created this image. I then save the image as a PNG
  16. 2 - I then used select all and copied the complete ZB alpha 3 - I created a layer mask "reveal all" and pasted into the the layer mask the image I copied
  17. 1 - Opened the ZB alpha png file in Photoshop.
  18. After downloading Digital Hunky's ZB alpha brushes from Cubebrush ---- > Using Photoshop CC 2020 I did this to convert a ZB alpha to 3DC alpha
  19. Digital Hunky on Cubebrush.co is offering his Hard Surface Kitbash Pack Volumes 1 & 3 for free. Vol 2 can be purchased for $10 bucks USA. He also has two ZBrush alpha packs free. https://cubebrush.co/digitalhunky Cheers - keep safe and stay healthy... Cubebrush offers a free stuff weekly. However they do have daily limits on how many times an item can be downloaded. But it is reset to ZERO the following day. Kenmo
  20. Blender since 2.8x is pretty awesome...
  21. I added a touch of Photoshop chicanery trying to give it a bit more of an old illustrative look.... I do like photo realistic renders/ However I also enjoy the hand drawn illustrative look as well as the paintery feel. Would be cool if 3DC could do NPR type renders like Vue, Poser Pro 11.3 or Blender can. Vue NPR lack options and I find Poser Pro 11.3 a big pain in the butt and prefer DAZ Studio over Poser.
  22. Another model I've been working on & off for a couple of weeks. Needs to be finished but I flip flop between models in 3DC and my photo editing in Lightroom & Photoshop. It's supposed to be a steam plant mechanical room of some sort. Idea came from within my mind.... Still working in voxels in the scuplt room...
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