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    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    For the 3d-coats layer : The first step could be a layer system like Mudbox/zbrush, liveclay will be like Zbrush HD geometry (2-3 versions ago) with no layer possibility. The second step, extend the layer systems for liveclay. Maybe a Ptex-like technology for non-constant topology(liveclay) for the 3dcoat modeling layer system. But I think, the big problem will be to remove vertices except if the layer keep track the points of the initial geometry(polygon) on the creating layer. If a vertice of the initial geometry is removed, he is only removed for the display and the mesh construction. But the vertice is always use to know in which initial polygon the new vertices are created/removed by liveclay.
  2. xsi38

    3D Coat Applink for 3D Coat (internally)

    I don't like to compare soft but I would like to improve 3dcoat with my novice experience. Navigation is good like traditionnal 3d software : very good point!!!!. All traditional modeling tools (retopo room) will be nice!!!!! The secret is to know if new user find his children rapidely or not???? At the first glance, it's not easy to know how to finish the model (sculpting -> transfert details -> paint room), to know the hidden surface mode toogle,.... For example, Zbrush has some hierarchy on his right panel side (ex : texture transfer = last section). Maybe, reorder room Tabs(Left to right : Voxel, retopo, paint, render). So to give a chance to 3dcoat, you need to see the good tutorials on 3dcoat official youtube channel. I have time so it's oK but for others???? I think all GUI's change should be trivial and centralized with the less hidden options as possible. So AbnRanger's Outliner can be a good starting point.
  3. xsi38

    3D Coat Applink for 3D Coat (internally)

    Globally, it's a good idea. But I prefer a system like the "generation maps" window of Mudbox : a window ("internal room transfer" for example) with source layer/mesh/room, destination mesh/mesh/room and some options. Advantage = to centralize actions in one spot!!!!
  4. Thanks for sharing your work with us!!!!