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  1. would love to hear andrew comment about these issues. whats his ideas for the future? where does he want to take 3dcoat. are there any plans of making the feedback from the artists using the software more valueable? cause it seems the biggest limitation right now is not in the software, but in the planning, organization, knowledge of the 3D workflow, etc, etc, etc.
  2. i agree 100% with you beat. but maybe thats exactly why an organized list of necessary tweaks made by artists using 3d coat on sevaral diferent workflows would be a valuable asset for andrew. right now 3d coat has so much potential but it really lacks coherence and user friendliness.
  3. have you guys ever thought of something like trello for voting/new features? i created a little test to show what could be done. https://trello.com/b/TaborzEQ/3d-coat-roadmap and here trello being used in another software roadmap https://trello.com/b/UfqlXqXy/2d-toolkit-roadmap
  4. thanks for the tip wilson! these days i only use .obj in 3dcoat, so these small details pass unnoticed.
  5. some thought about the way 3d coat imports models for uv/painting. i have a model in modo/maya that is broken up into 4 pieces. hair/head/body/accessories when i import it into 3d coat, i get a list of these objects in the objects tab + an extra "default object". for some unknown reason, i cant actually hide these objects separately (using the eye icon beside the object name in the object tab), they are stuck together. the only one that works is the "default object" which hides everything. i cant understand why 3d coat doesn't realize i have 4 separate objects in my scene, and separate them automatically (and why do we need a "default object"?!) i know that the workaround is applying different materials to each of the objects (before importing into 3d coat) but then why the hell do we even have the object list inside 3d coat?!? also, what if i wanna have the same material applied to my whole character, but want to have the ability to hide parts of the model to be able to paint/uv stuff properly?!!? for example, hiding a jacket, so i can paint/uv the short underneath.
  6. hey there. i havent been around reading all the posts so excuse me if this has already been answered. is there an estimate for when you guys will go back on working on other parts of the software? like painting, UV and UI?
  7. fremachuca

    File Lost - jpg of it remains only

    had the same exact thing happen to me... only the .jpg is left on the folder. so if i understand correctly you managed to get it back with a specific software? which one was it? mac osx lion - 3d coat v4.0.05h
  8. what im trying to say is, no one will buy 3dcoat ONLY for rendering. its not what 3dcoat is made to do. just like no one will buy zbrush for its rendering capabilities either. also, zbrush is a bit bitterent since they started out as a "artist" friendly tool. they where trying to get sculptors who never opened a 3d package before, making awesome images and rendering them out. definitely not what 3dcoat is going for here. 3dcoat was made to be part of peoples pipelines, not the only program they use, so adding a renderer is not going to do much to it, cause everyone has a better renderer already. so wasting dev time to make a better renderer just so people can make prettier pre viz images instead of focusing on core tools seems a bit off to me.
  9. i would rather see the devs invest time improving 3dcoat's UI, UV's, texture painting, sculpting and retopo than have them waste any time in a render engine. they should worry (if at all) about the render room in version 6+. i personally would just forget about it. its not going to add any real value to the package. you can add lots of pretty shiny features that are going to make some enthusiasts happy, or, you can focus on what matters and make a really solid software thats going to be used in the pipeline of a lot of people.
  10. guys. congrats with the texture paint tools in v4. they are awesome. having a great time playing around with them! keep up the awesome work!