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  1. Fantome

    Fantome artwork

    3dcoat for the modeling/uvs and mental ray for rendering
  2. Fantome

    skull render.jpg

    Thank you! You set the metal shader in ddo not marmoset. Ddo let's you chose from a list of metal type (chrome, plate, aluminium, etc) and it will create the gloss/specular maps accordingly. I haven't used z-brush in years so I can't help you with fibermesh.
  3. Fantome

    shield render

    DDo is great for filling your model with a lot of small details and it creates spec/gloss map for you automatically. You can put the finishing touches in 3Dcoat in the paint room.
  4. Thank you Denis, unfortunately i won't have time to do a full blown tutorial. however I can give a breakdown of how the different textures look like: There is a very good tutorial here that explains how to render skin/faces in marmoset: http://www.marmoset.co/skyshop/learn/skin-tut If you want to showcase high-res real-time assets, I would say go for it, it's only 100 usd.
  5. Thank you! No sparkling here
  6. Fantome


    Very cool, reminds a bit of "Fight punch" stuff.
  7. Fantome

    Kain full Front Done

    Great job on the model. May I ask why you switched to z-brush at the end?
  8. Fantome

    Cthulhu Lives

    Very cool, did you use the spike tool? Reminds me of demons quest somehow.
  9. Very nice work, I too really like the mouth area.
  10. Fantome

    Great white shark

    Thank you for your comments, you helped me improve the final image for sure!
  11. Thank you carlosan that was interesting to watch. They see seem to be using quite a lot of composting. Setting up underwater scenes is a pain in the "$$
  12. Fantome

    Great white shark

    Model done in 3Dcoat and render done in Mental ray.
  13. Thank you! Those are some excellent suggestions. Here is a revised version.
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