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  1. Rekulaar

    [Solved] Help with Bevel an object

    the new pose tool should be able to do a great job of that i think, duplicate the object first.. hide it and pose the second one with a gradient that is heavy to one colour and it should just bevel it straight and clean, then use the duplicates to boolean in and fix any pieces.. other than a few more subtractive boolean methods that's all i can think of.. .. exporting your object for use in 3DSmax or maya, and creating another OBJ, using their precision.. then just export that into 3DCoat and subtractive boolean
  2. Rekulaar

    [Solved] Help with Bevel an object

    Do you have Version 4.1?
  3. Rekulaar

    Several Questions

    the grey border is the safe zone, similar to Zbrush.. it's just there.. I don't believe you can change that.
  4. Rekulaar

    Several Questions

    I believe the "+" and "-" will handle the gizmo.. at least it does on my version. When you import mesh for voxelizing to retain the OBJ's original state, with those nice sharp holes.. just check the box that says not to voxelize it, it will bring it in under surface mode instead of trying to voxelize it. It will res + in two every time however you can re-evaluate the mesh if it's to dense at a number that is preferable to you after you go higher.
  5. Rekulaar

    Pinky Demon Rendition

    Everything you see about the pinky demon on the reel ( aside from rendering in mental ray, animating, rigging, and hind legs were done in maya ) was done in 3D coat for this guy! I'm saving up for a personal copy of this now that school is over!
  6. Rekulaar

    Pinky Demon Rendition

    Sorry for the time away, I have it up in my demo reel here! dereklevesque.weebly.com - full breakdowns should be coming soon however.
  7. I am in the final two months of my time here at Vanarts for Game Art and Design and I'm tackling a creature, one I've been fond of for quite some time, from the franchise that sparked my interest in game and certainly in horror and shooter genres. This is my Cerberus Rendition of the Pinky Demon from the Doom franchise.. Taking it's already core elements that the fans love and stitching it together with a beast from the depths and my dreams. I decided to take the Original Pinky Demon that we all know and love, and the most recent version.. as a call out to it's growth - - - into this final form. For the hind legs I wanted something more off topic than the general mech spine into a hooved behind that all fan art has been. Deciding to stray away from the norm was proving difficult and I really enjoy this design.. It still in the process of figuring out some forms and smaller detail, any veins and surface breakup as far as pore detail and whatnot I was going to paint in Via PPNM ( per pixel normal map ) painting. I'll keep it updated with current photos and am always welcome to the Comments and Criticism. Maybe a different set of eyes can see something or give some tips. Thanks for taking the time to check it out!