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  1. GregP

    2D Normals in 3D Coat

    Yer that's a nice alternative cheers
  2. GregP

    2D Normals in 3D Coat

    Hi Carlosan, That's what I've tried so far works but I can't quite get the level of detail / control right. Do you know if anyone has written up an example of this technique in Coat? I feel like I'm not getting enough control on bevels and blending from in / out of the normals. All the best Greg
  3. GregP

    2D Normals in 3D Coat

    Hi folks, Is it possible to do a similar workflow in coat like Ndo's normal map generation? I've been playing about with the stroke options and the depth setting but I can't seem to come up with a good combination of tools. Cheers your time and help Greg
  4. GregP

    PBR Brushes

    Sorry to resurrect this but wandered if anyone had any ideas on if this is now possible? In Substance Painter on the right you can create preset PBR tools / brushes which can have separate images for each channel color, roughness metallic etc... The only way I thought to do this in 3D Coat was with layers in imported brushes but as I mentioned earlier you don't seem to have PBR control there. Would love to see if anyone has any ideas as it makes PBR texturing pretty limited for fine details :-D Cheers for your time. Greg
  5. GregP

    PBR Brushes

    Sorry for the bump but has anyone else tried this? You can do this effect / procedure in Substance Painter and it's really useful. Cheers for any help Greg
  6. GregP

    Painting across seams is not smooth?

    Thanks Carlosan :-D hope it's an easy fix for the team it's pretty annoying.
  7. GregP

    Painting across seams is not smooth?

    Ooo the plot thickens, is there a bug report for this already? Cheers Greg
  8. GregP

    Painting across seams is not smooth?

    I still seem to have this problem in 4.5.22. I placed a dot right on the symmetry line and unless I use symmetry I get an artefact even though the UV's are mirrored. Is there a setting / something I'm missing. Cheers Greg
  9. This would be an awesome addition
  10. GregP

    Is there any more smart material?

    Sign me up! All the best Greg
  11. GregP

    Material Color ID Map?

    It's still really needed ;-)
  12. GregP

    Material Color ID Map?

    Yes please add this it would be a massive boost to masking
  13. GregP

    PBR Brushes

    Hey folks, I am making some brushes for 3D Coat using a layered Tiff, Is it possible to affect Metalness? I can get my brush to show up colour, depth, gloss, alpha etc??? I've tried adding additional alpha channels but no joy, It'd be awesome if you could add in metalness, Cheers for any help Greg
  14. GregP

    Unreal engine 4 - 3d coat PBR cooperation

    Hi Janpec1000, Could be a bunch of stuff. Something quick you could try... Have you set SRGB to off on the Roughness and Metallic textures? If not double click the textures in the content browser and turn off SRGB. Then re-add the textures to the material in Unreal 4 (or change the ones you have in there to linear colour). Greg
  15. GregP

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Hi All, Don't know if I'm barking mad or if I missed this but please could Metalness have it's own icon on the UI such as, mine seems to be in the gloss ball it'd be nice to be able to control them separately. Also would it be possible to allow the PBR material editor if it doesn't already to support colour id masks such as It's really powerful particularly if you could have masking options on layer folders (not the layer system) to separate all the different materials. Really loving the Beta so far Cheers Greg