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  1. That new "blend" options for Depth painting are wonderful. Would be nice to implement this on sculpt room as well!
  2. You just need to choose Render Man on the Render Engine option at the top of the right bar under the Render Tab.
  3. I see. Thanks for the input, @Carlosan. Would be great to have some procedural noises to create masks.
  4. To me everything Works fine on the render room. @Andrew Shpagin, how the Fill by Mask Works?
  5. Really liking what I saw so far. It's wonderfull that now we can edit smart materials per layer. Sometimes the SM icons disappears from my layers, but I guess this is a beta thing. I didn't understood the Fill by Mask option tough.
  6. Thanks @Carlosan. Do you have any input on my normal map "problem"?
  7. Are you using Microvertex painting? This looks like a resolution issue regarding mesh and texture sizes.
  8. Also, @Tony Nemo, I'm not familiar with the Sketch Tool. Did you meant the 2D Paint Brush?
  9. Hey, @Tony Nemo, thanks for the input. I was thinking first on an "automatic" way to create the inward "folds" (in the lack of better word). That's way I was trying exporting some Y-Depth. Guess I will have to try the manual way tough. :P QUESTION: Do you or anyone knows why my exported normal map from the export Y-Depth workflow seems broken? As you can see, I'm using my normal map with Stencils. While the preview seems good, When I paint it's like half of the normal map is broken or inverted or something.
  10. Hi there. I'm having a hard time trying to sculpt an armchair on 3D-Coat. Surely it's something from my end. I tried to create some tileable mesh and then export the Y-depth... but it does not feel good at all. Does anyone have a workflow for something like this? http://pngimg.com/uploads/armchair/armchair_PNG7041.png
  11. Hi, guys. I just started a series in order to introduce 3D-Coat to the brazilian audience. The tutorial is in portuguese and it's really basic this time (its just a introduction to some basic painting workflow). Hope you like it!
  12. I guess I'm facing a new problem. Sync layers with external editor does not work. The layers shows up on Photoshop. Every new layer is displayed on 3D-Coat. However, all the other layers (created previously on 3D-Coat) and the meshes disappeared. When using the Projection function, everything Works fine.
  13. Does anyone have problems with Text Spline on Painting Room? Can't paint on the model, only its UV.
  14. Hi, there. Can someone explain me the workflow for rendering animations inside 3D-Coat? Maybe a link or something. It shows a dialog box but I don't really understand what it means. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi there. I'm planing on teach 3D-Coat here in Brazil. I started introducing the Software to one of my Cinema 4D's student and we (he actually) came with this: I think its pretty good for a couple of tries. Also, I created a video introduction on the subject. Portuguese only. Hope you like it! And I will come back later with the final renders for still and motion.
  16. @Javis Thanks, man. I wish I had the ability to create something in english. Need to study more. @Carlosan, Thanks! How can I apply to become a Certified Instructor?
  17. Hi there. Here in Brazil some people are interested on learning 3D-Coat. I'm planning to create an online Cartoon Character training course using mostly 3D-Coat... so do I need anything special in order to do this? That would be a portuguese only course. But maybe some subtitles? Thanks!
  18. @Carlosan, thanks! Proxy Slider is such a great feature. I already docked mine, I think Andrew must make it already docked somewhere in order to make it easier for all users.
  19. The new proxy slider is amazing. Thanks! Would be good to have a slider to add resolution though. What do you think? Now, whats the difference between decimate and reduce?
  20. Amazing. Looks like a photo.
  21. School bus... that's a great idea! Thanks, man! Haha. Yeah!
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