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  1. Hello, I am using windows 7 pro and I installed simple 3d coat from the link on the first page, I set an exchange folder in the 3d coat 4.5 folder in program files, I installed the addon while setting the exchange folder in the path, but when I press export object i get an error "access denied", please help^^
  2. Arkanis Gath

    add points primitive

    Ok, thanks for the info
  3. Arkanis Gath

    add points primitive

  4. Arkanis Gath

    add points primitive

    Hi there, Is it possible to edit primitives to add more points? For exemple considering the screenshot below I would like if possible to do a loop cut, or to customise the available parameter for the cage, it would be very useful to sketch up a character for exemple if I could extrude some faces too. Can I do this? Thanks in advance for your help
  5. Arkanis Gath

    hard surfaces modeling

    Hi, Is it possible to extrude and bevel faces in 3D Coat like the zmodeler feature in Zbrush? For hard surfaces it can be much more handy than cutting and flattening parts of the mesh
  6. Arkanis Gath

    noob questions about retopology and shape keys

    it helps a lot thanks!
  7. Arkanis Gath

    noob questions about retopology and shape keys

    Up please I didn't find how to do it ^^'
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    Introduce yourself!

    Hello, I am 23 and I live in Switzerland. I do 3d modeling as a hobby and after a few years on blender and sculptris I moved two days ago to 3d coat for modeling, sculpting, and texturing. It looks very cool though I am still learning how to use it. Happy to be here with you :-)
  9. Hi there, I recently acquired an educational version of 3d coat 4.1.17D for OSX. I would like to know please how do you do to use the retopologised mesh in the voxtree? What I tried to do for example is to auto retopologise the basic sphere to say 3000 triangles. It works and I have a retopologised mesh in the retopo room. But it doesn't appear in the voxtree, instead it is into retopo groups which I can't access and sculpt in the sculpt room. My second question is about the shape keys, how do you do it in the new versions? I would like to pose my mesh and export the shape key to blender. Thanks a lot, Arkanis