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  1. Is curvature calculating fixed? If not then it is useless for me. I still use 4.9.34 where calculating is still ok
  2. Is this latest update before 2021 ver? Because it is tragic. Curvature calculation work bad and it is 2-3 times slower than in version 4.9.34. I had to install back that version. Why calculation engine has changed? It was perfect and now is unusable completely. When you bake from retopo edges are bad, lot of black areas. Also lot of interuption in work like simple paint in paintroom and suddenly brushes dont work, need to restart... simple bake from high poly to lowpoly produces visible uv seems. That dodnt fixed and it is basic thing. I dont understand how you guys make your bakes when seems are so visible. I understand that I need to find and apply good shader in sculptroom and bake. Then why you keep those shaders which produces seems on bake? Isnt that wierd. Why we use them if they are not usable? They can be used only if you work only in sculpt room and never bake them. So I think you need to debug this latest vesion. Unfortunatelly adding a lot of new features bring us more bugs.
  3. dexsoft

    Can't create seem and select edge

    I also have that problems. Especially with short edges. Some times it is impossible to select it. Also it is still impossible to select edge loop when edge is also marked like sharp. So I need to remove all sharp edges to do uv properly with all edge loops working. It is very painfull, import retopo model select all edges remove sharp edges and then start unwrapimg. It should be normal that uv ing and shrpening is not connected.
  4. I installed again 4.9.34 and it is still good in calculating so I will use that version until gets fixed.
  5. As my topic name says when i import any model in paint room, add simple details with brush like wood details, small emblems or ornament, when I calculate curvature maps it is not good anymore. In previous versions I used to duplicate curvature map and make it visible and with overlay it looked really great on edges giving me really nice effect like damadged or aged edges. Now texture is totally screwed with some nasty black areas all over model. I had to go back to some old version to get nice edges. Sadly. I am working in 3dcoat very long now and woth every new version we get new features but old good functions one by one gets screwed. I will try to make same model calculations to show you differences, how good was and how is screwed now. Probably some bug in curvature calculation.
  6. I found strange bug in several latest releases, when I bake model from retopo to paint room and do curvature calculation it runs forever. Goes beyond 1000% and more and you must kill app to stop calculation.
  7. Is there any workaround or something. Do you have plans to implement this as now you will have node system?
  8. I asked in some other thread is there posibilty to mark some edge in retopo room and when we transfer geometry to paint room without high poly geometry baking, we get that edge into normal map beveled. Something simmilar like bevel shader in blender where you plugin bevel shader into normal map plug and that edge gets beveled into normal map without actual beveling geometry. In other hand is it possible somehow to have one simole lowpoly model in retopo and to mark edge and bum I get that edge beveled in normal map without need to make high poly model in sculpt room and bake from it
  9. Would like know also. We need some kind of bevel shader in blender. Just like we mark sharp edges we should be able to mark edges who will get bevel in normal map.
  10. I think that this version have stability problems. I never had such a lot issues working in painting room. Lot of times I need to restart app in order to function normaly. I am using app mostly to uv and paint models and always something bugs. After some time when I paint suddenly see blocky paint groups on model which are undoable (undo does not work).
  11. Yes that is the same problem I have. Do you know when will be resolved? It is very important thing, basic one, how to bake good
  12. Can you please explain to me why I have problems with baking. 1. Ok, I bake hrom high to low poly 2. Select auto smooth angle to 30 (default) 3. I get nasty looking edges un uv seams. Why? When I do not use autosmoothinng angle then it is relatively ok. Can you please explain me those small baking problems. Why I get normal map seams on uv edges? Than it means it is bug, if I check autosmoothing angle result is always bad. Why we have that feature if it doesnt work I really need this feature to get sharp edges. Now it is unusable. I always have nasty uv jaggy seams on normal map. When I delete baked normal map problem is not visible. I mean this is basic stuff, why I need sculpting if I can not bake properly? Can you please try the same? Simly use one sculpt model, make lowpoly in retopo, make uvs and bake from high to low with autosmothing angle with deafult angle 30. Do you get nasty edges on uv seams? Is it some settings in my computer or open gla or directx version? I tried both versions. Same result. 4.9.20
  13. Yes I thought so :( Maybe there is a way to bake this nice roundings and sharp edges made via smoothing groups into normal map from paint room.
  14. Yes I always calculate curvature, and then occlusion. Like good trick I double curvature map and mark it like overlay and that way I get great nice edges
  15. When I have retopo model and want to transfer it to paint room (without baking normal map) with only smoothing angle, or with marking sharp edges I get prefect model in paint room. Depend on smoothing angle I get nice smooth round part just like I do with standard baking high to low poly. Only problem when I export model that info it is not recorded in normal map. How can I bake that info from paint room onto exported normal map. When I use exported model in unity it is ok because I can control there also roundness with smoothing angle and hard edges, but I need this info into normal map