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    Novice 3D modeler Blender and Photoshop are my main tools but familiar with Silo, Hexagon, Byrce, Poser and Daz Studio. always looking to learn new skills and share with others

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  1. lobo3433

    Female Sculpting Tutorials

    Thank you for sharing these look forward to seeing the others
  2. lobo3433

    Introduce yourself!

    Thank you look forward to learning 3D Coat and be able to use it to expand my knowledge and art
  3. lobo3433

    Introduce yourself!

    Hello name is Jose new here looking to purchase and learn 3D-Coat soon currently my modeler of choice is Blender which I am still a novice with but can usually help out others with questions about Blender. The extent of my 3D community involvement is as a Moderator @ renderosity.com for the Blender and Photoshop forums and hope to be able to learn and share here as well. can view some of my art here http://lobo3433.deviantart.com/gallery/ always welcome critique and advice