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  1. ostapblender


    Work was done in August 2017, and it was hot in my area, so idea might be kinda strange, cuz it was generated by melting brain. Goal was to create a short story, using just a few images. I hope you'll be able to grasp essence of it, it's nothing too complicated or complex. Blender was used mostly for render, everything sculpted, retopped and unwraped in majestic 3D Coat. Only Octupus textured in Substance Painter because of the phenomenal Bloody Orgran Material from Zach Tsiakalis-Brown More pictures and breakdown on Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/dWAy1
  2. ostapblender

    [Bug] Shortcut problem (returns to previous tool selected)

    Yeah, I have the same problem on a 3D-Coat-V4.7.24X(64) build, in GL and DX mode. Sometimes it works, sometimes it's acting like this, idk what causes this and what pattern is. Here is screen capture of this behavior: As you can see, it's choosing desired tool and clicking back to current, but if you click to it with mouse - everything works fine. Pose tool assigned to ALT+E, trasform to ALT+R and Cut off to SHIFT+T. It seems only voxel tools are affected, because even if I choose surface tool on this mesh - shortcut works and it activates in a moment, without delay, unlike voxel tool, as you can see in video. Other voxel-related shortcuts seems to work OK. I'm also attaching scene file, maybe you can see something in it. UPD: oh, .24 is very old, there is .35 fashionable nowadays. Yeah, with update problem disappeared, at least for now. Shortcutslag.rar
  3. ostapblender


    Yup, I tweaked preset in 3D Coat a little bit, just for sake of simplicity. And then just added to the aiStandart shader. You can see that textures are converted to the .tx - this is because it's really working much faster with that type of maps.
  4. ostapblender

    First Official Contest Winners!

    Yup, I think every work is in well deserved place. :-)
  5. ostapblender


    Arnold for Maya
  6. ostapblender

    First Official Contest Winners!

    Congratulations to everyone! Thanks to all the participants for hell of the rivalry and to the Pilgway team for the superb challenge and really high level of organization, especially for the first challenge ever! :-) Cheers!
  7. ostapblender

    First Official 3D Modelling Contest

    So how it's going?
  8. ostapblender


    Jeez, what a magic! How did you do that?
  9. ostapblender

    Steampunk Vehicle - Tank Fortress

    Amazing work, but don't you wanna do quickest trick ever - add vignette?
  10. ostapblender


    A friendly remider about final entry here. :-) And I still have no idea how to insert preview in a post, so, there is just a regular link to the Sketchfab. Cheers! Stesla - Elephant Steam Engines by Bohdan Lvov on Sketchfab
  11. ostapblender

    dirty car 1.1

    If just geometry are less than 50 MB, you can upload just it, and textures via 3D settings, without limit. This is are little trick. :-)
  12. ostapblender

    Turtle Submarine

    Magestic! Saved to my 'cool pictures' folder. :-)
  13. ostapblender

    Steampunk TriTruck

    So viewer can associate himself with a girl, cuz there will be reflection of a driver and whole view from the driver's eyes, right?
  14. ostapblender

    Steampunk TriTruck

    But why steer wheel and whole panel are transparent? Is it some kind of reference to the Ghost Rider?
  15. ostapblender

    Speampunk Battlecruiser

    Wow, it looks so intense!