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  1. echoform

    Sketchbook Journey

    love you imagination!
  2. echoform

    EchoForm's Hard Surface Mech Journey

    I use both. The problem I'm facing is when I cut geometry using the cut tool, you get a bunch of jagged edges at lower resolution. It's easier when there's around 500k-2mil triangles. But if you want to do a full figure, it'll be like 20-30million triangles which I feel is too heavy. For a full body robot/character, how many triangles can 3D-Coat handle? if 20-30 milliion triangles or more is acceptable, that would be great. Thank you!
  3. echoform

    EchoForm's Hard Surface Mech Journey

    Yes. I agree. Sorry for not being clear, but what I meant was how to keep the mesh looking clean while not having to subdivide so much during sculpting. I'm trying to see how far I can take that approach without retopo. Seems like I can't edit my posts to clarify this on the original post. Overall, I like the flexibility of 3D-Coat a lot.
  4. Posting recent progress on learning how to use 3D Coat for clean hard surface models. Still have a long way to go to attain my goal of creating reasonable size meshes that are clean to be used for 3D concept art. Any suggestions how to keep triangle count low and still get clean surfaces are welcome. Will continue to update this post as I create more work. Thank you for looking!
  5. echoform

    [Solved] restore 3dcoat to default setting

    reverting back to 4.7.06 works. i get the line tool preview back. hope this gets fixed soon. thank you.