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  1. As far as I can tell, drivers are up to date...I just need to know if anyone else is having this issue or it could just be a local issue on my end. If no one has reported anything like this, I will try and reinstall from scratch. Thank you.
  2. Thank you for the suggestion. That did not update it. The shader itself it displaying all meshes as black. It is more than just the thumbnails.
  3. Hello, Is anyone else getting this issue? It's happened on my install for about the last 3-4 updates. I was hoping they would go away, but it's persisting. Basically, a lot of the shaders are showing up black. I searched the forum and it looked like it was an issue a couple of years ago. I am using v2022.29 on Windows 10 with latest updates. Thank you for any insights.
  4. wow. thank you @digman and @Carlosan @digman that looks really good. do you mind sharing your settings? @Carlosan i will try your pack file.
  5. @digman thank you for your efforts. I think the base foundation is good on your brush settings. The one thing I wish was possible is a much deeper cut. If you look at my screenshot, the grooves are much deeper. I tried to make things deeper when I was experimenting but I could not achieve those results with my limited knowledge. @Carlosan thank you for the information. do you think with the proper settings, it's possible to get very clean results that the amSciFi brushes achieved in 4.9?
  6. @digman please see the attached image. The amSciFi brushes were one of the most useful brushes for hard surface panel detail work. I am very disappointed it is very unstable in v2021. It makes sense because the new version of 3DCoat does not support live clay brushes anymore. It would be amazing if you can recreate this. Thank you so much for your help!
  7. @digman thank you so much. i will post some examples tomorrow.
  8. @Carlosan I understand the situation. However, I am not an expert in brush creation. So I was asking if there is information on showing similarities and differernces between the old brush settings and the new ones. I tried many things and making cutlines like v4.9 is not possible for me in v2021. Even in v4.9 there's no way I could have made the am-scifi brushes on my own.
  9. @Carlosan thank you for the link. I want to migrate the amScifi A, B, C brushes to work in 2021 but getting mixed results. It works with on a default sphere but when you have a custom model, the brush does not work. I think the translation is offset in a weird way. Is it possible to migrate those brushes properly to 2021, or is there a good way to recreate them with the new brush engine? Thank you.
  10. @Carlosan thank you. This is good information. However, I'm trying to use a lot of kitbash pieces that were purchased which I guess is in ascii format. Will 3DCoat support ascii FBX in the future?
  11. Hello! In latest 3DCoat (2021.02) I try and import FBX meshes into the Sculpt Models tab and they do not show up. OBJ files work perfectly. Is anyone else having this issue? Thank you.
  12. I use both. The problem I'm facing is when I cut geometry using the cut tool, you get a bunch of jagged edges at lower resolution. It's easier when there's around 500k-2mil triangles. But if you want to do a full figure, it'll be like 20-30million triangles which I feel is too heavy. For a full body robot/character, how many triangles can 3D-Coat handle? if 20-30 milliion triangles or more is acceptable, that would be great. Thank you!
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