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  1. gbball

    New Curves Beta

    To be honest, I don't remember. I think I might have shared these before. Some of it might have shared with Raul when he was still part of the team. I'll send it along though.
  2. gbball

    New Curves Beta

    I did this a long time ago, but it seems like the functionality is almost ready to do this kind of work.
  3. gbball

    New Curves Beta

    https://blenderartists.org/t/custom-build-dyntopo-improvement-toporake/1142166 This is a Blender script that does a smart dynotopo so that the triangle edges conform to the stroke. I think it would be great to allow the splines to dynamically reflow the sculpt mesh topology so that the spline can be used to create clean edges. Further, the spline should be usable to deform the mesh like a move tool with falloff.
  4. gbball

    New Curves Beta

    Awesome news! Sorry to push the topic, but what about intersecting splines...kind of like being able to create a grid pattern with new cv points created at the intersections?
  5. gbball

    New Curves Beta

    Is it possible to loft between splines?
  6. gbball

    Improve cavity

    Cavity is an interesting idea, but not well implemented in it's current state. I find it strange that many of the default shaders have their cavity setting cranked so high. It really doesn't look good.
  7. gbball

    3D coat crashes on start up all the time

    Did you try the GL version? I've been using 3d coat for years, and recently I ran into a similar problem for the first time. The GL version loaded fine. I ended up having to roll back my Nvidia drivers based to get the DX version to work.
  8. gbball

    3DCoat to Keyshot 5.0

    Also, if/when you get the export working...you'll have to check the option box that Carlosan highlighted above in order to get the advanced options for texture exports.
  9. gbball

    3DCoat to Keyshot 5.0

    Try this. This should help. If this doesn't work for you then there might be another problem.
  10. gbball

    3DCoat to Keyshot 5.0

    You'll have to retopo or autoto your sculpts first. They have to be paint objects. Try starting a new scene and choosing paint on UV mapped mesh from the first options...choose one of the starter objects and then see if you have the option to export object and texture. I did a quick test and it seems to be context sensitive. So if you'd don't have a UV'd paint mesh and you have to be in the paint room, otherwise the option wont appear. You can also try this... right click on one of your layers in the voxtree and choose the option to autotopo for per pixel painting...that will allow you to automatically retopologize your sculpt and UV unwrap it. Then you should be able to export from the paint room.
  11. gbball

    3DCoat to Keyshot 5.0

    When you have a paint object, you'll see an option for Export Object and Textures in the file menu. So if you're trying to export your sculpts, you might have to do an autopo and bake first to get a mesh into the paint room that you can export.
  12. gbball

    Another Clever Retopo Plugin

    Looks great. And you're right Abn. Looks almost exactly like the realization of what Raul started.
  13. It looks like your trying to apply sculpt shaders on a paint object...you'll want to use the smart materials instead.