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  1. gbball

    PBR Smart Materials Store Beta!

    We can install several materials at once now from separate .3dpack files. I belive it has been added to the latest beta. So that helps a bit, but you're right, it'd be nice to download a .3dpack with all the materials from your cart or library and just deal with the one download.
  2. gbball

    PBR Smart Materials Store Beta!

    The store is cool and I nice addition to 3DCoat. I have a friend who works for poliigon and I was asking him if they could create 3DCoat materials, but it was a no go, so something that is specific to this program is great. Suggestions pick several materials/items and add them to a shopping cart while continuing to shop If I check a filter, the other filters numbers should change dynamically...so when I choose materials, the organics category number should change to reflect the number of organic materials available Things I am waiting for -Shaders -Brushes -Models -Retopo Objects Questions What do I do with reliefs? Why have the same material in different resolutions? Why not just use the higher one and let the user downgrade as necessary? Not really a materials store question, but why can't we translate materials to shaders and optionally use bulge/cavity for Curvature/AO? It should be a function in the program.
  3. gbball

    Linear array?

    You can do it with a script. But you'd have to see if someone already made it or make it yourself.
  4. gbball

    Problem with render

    Are you trying to render at a higher resolution than 1920x1080?
  5. gbball

    Retopo - next big Step

    Yes, The whole program is like that and offers very deep customization of tools and the ability for the user to modify each tool by using either LMB, RMB, Scroll Wheel etc. It's hard to explain and a bit hard to learn because the documentation isn't great, but it's really powerful. This is the same program but rebranded and with more of a focus on UI and ease of use for beginners. A user of NVil partnered with the creator of NVil to help create this offshoot of the main application with a different UI that is button based. The page does a good job of communicating some of the functionality that makes NVil unique and powerful. So this is really NVil, just packaged differently. https://rocket3f.com
  6. gbball

    Retopo - next big Step

    Here is one example of retopo in NVil. I'm sure it was inspired by 3D Coat.
  7. gbball

    Retopo - next big Step

    Also look at Digital Fossils program NVil please it offers an excellent workflow. The learning curve is a bit steep, but once you get going it's faster than anything else for basemesh modeling, even faster than Blender (and I love Blender). https://digitalfossils.com/
  8. Rygaard, I understand you and I agree. 3D Coat is already really good and I feel that it is almost right there with Zbrush and even way better in some ways. The main difference as you stated is attention to detail and overall polish, which is to be expected with such a small development team and a program that has been around about half as long as Zbrush. The sculpting has so much potential and there are so many unique workflows that are available. I think the program just needs a bigger team with people focused on each room and someone focused on the overall production pipelines that are available. To be honest, I would like to be a programmer for the software even though I'm just learning how to code I do believe I can do it eventually and the program and it's potential is tantalizing enough for me to want to try. 3D coat is the program that taught me how to do 3d, why not learn how to code with it too. Maybe it's a bit unrealistic, but as a passionate user, I would love to contribute tools and workflows. Perhaps a richer API for creating tools would be the best way to go and allow users to make robust plugins that would provide the functionality that we're looking for. I would be happy to learn how to code for the program to add tools if possible. I would even do it voluntarily when I have time. As I say this, maybe some of this is already possible with Angel Script. I'll have to look into it because a lot of what we want might already be possible if we're willing to roll up our sleeves and do the work. That way the community could focus on adding the features we want while the Pilgway team focus on stability, performance and major features.
  9. I think Andrew should OS the autotopo algorithm in 3D Coat. That way the community could contribute as well. That's the only way I see for competing with the deep pockets of Zbrush. I remember a while back, he was toying with the idea of OS some aspects of the software which I thought was a really innovative idea.
  10. gbball

    Way to modify sculpt object with retopo object?

    Doesn't exist currently, but I've been asking for some functionality like this. I posted my ideas here
  11. gbball

    Gladiotron development thread

    It's been a while, but I'm still plugging away. Been learning some C++ and Unreal when I have time. I also set up a webpage for Gladiotron and a Youtube page. Here is a process video of one of the main characters Sandra Sprout. Just a first pass. Still have a long way to go on her.
  12. gbball

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Thanks Carlosan, I've bumped the thread you linked with a description of the tool I'm looking for.
  13. gbball

    Replication/Merge tool

    bumping this. It would be great to have a tool that can paint instances of a mesh throughout the sculpt scene. The ability to have instanced paint room models (uv'd textured) in the sculpt room Place them with the import tool's various settings Each instance creates it's own unique instance layer in the Voxtree Voxtree layer retains the transform information (scale, rotation, location) Linked dynamically to the source object (3b file, obj, fbx, models library, retopo object, paint object, etc)...can be updated and refreshed. Should be applinkable Ability to create an array of several objects and paint them randomly in the scene. Option to have objects "fall" naturally or placed at the pick position. These objects wouldn't be directly editable...they'd just be displayed...you'd have to edit them at their source...whether it's another 3b file or in the paint room, retopo room or as an obj or fbx file on disk or source application. Exportable for pipeline purposes... So in the example below. I'd like for each of the balls to be an instance that way I could make modifications to it and have them reappear in same spots. with an updated texture or model and be able to leverage the work done in 3D coat in Blender or Unreal or Sketchfab, Marmoset, etc. I would suggest something similar for the Curves tools as well. It kind of already works this way because the curves are persistent and I can change what I use on it after the curve has been placed. But it'd be way nicer to have the options listed above for instancing geo on the curves as well.
  14. gbball

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Is it possible to get an instancer brush? Something that is a mix between the instancer tool and the import tool? I'd like to be able to import a simple mesh for all these orbs and then later export to Blender without it being treated as one big object.. If I could brush into the scene from an instance of a 3b object...then I could adjust the 3b object afterwards and have the placement and size be kept. Further...I'd like to be able to export this out to an external package like Unreal or Blender and have each orb be instances of the same mesh. This was done with sphere tool with max spacing on the brush and some size and position jitter. Currently it's all on one voxel layer. But this hurts my pipeline because I will have to duplicate work. I want to optimize this for real-time rendering. I
  15. gbball

    Is there option to direct edit baking cage (shell)?

    I'm just talking about the baking cages. It'd be nice to export them for use externally (baking externally or tweaking in a different package). Also being able to import your own bake cage into 3D Coat would also be helpful. Of course, it could be the same mesh. Right now there is no way of editing the bake cage meshes with the retopo tools.