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  1. hover over your mesh RMB drag up and down
  2. gbball

    Gbball's sketchbook

    Resurrecting this thread from the dead!
  3. Maybe not an ideal solution, but you could adjust your default navigation settings so that you have to press alt to tumble all the time.
  4. gbball

    Retopo - next big Step

    Yeah, Zwrap is what I saw initially, and I thought that would be a great retopo addition in 3D Coat. And then being able to pull in some textures from XYZTextures.
  5. There is a new feature called autopick on the top. You'll want to uncheck it if I understand the problem properly.
  6. gbball

    Retopo - next big Step

    I recently came across this plugin. Something like this would be great in 3D Coat. https://blendermarket.com/products/softwrap You guys are almost there already with the cloth tool.
  7. gbball

    Using the Vox Layer Tool

    Try using the 'Coat' tool instead. That will also give you the option of making a patch in the retopo room, that you can then turn around and import for cloth.
  8. gbball

    New Curves Beta

    Yeah, it's exciting stuff. Right now, this isn't really a contiguous mesh...it's a series patches aligned to a sphere. But I have found a way to use these patches as a kind of stamp or mold to create a solid voxel or surface sculpt object.
  9. gbball

    Symmetry across Voxtree Layers

    This is what I would recommend. In a lot of ways, it offers enhanced flexibility because you can transform objects to have different orientations, while keeping the geo linked.
  10. gbball

    New Curves Beta

    Awesome news! If it's not too much trouble, will extrude, inset and bridge be doable? Thanks! Looking forward to the new release!
  11. gbball

    New Curves Beta

    @Gorbatovsky After testing, I've found using 4 curves as the most flexible way to make patches using the Swept N Gener tool. I think a fast way to generate would be great. Ideally being able to create new curves and patches the same way you create new polygons. With tools like Extrusion of individual Edges (the equivalent of edge extrusion in polygons) creates a Swept N Gener Extrusion/Beveling of Swept N Gener patches (the equivalent of face extrusion/beveling when working with polygons) Bridge Tool Select two curves and automatically Bridge with another Swept N Gener This will be more powerful than polygon modeling...especially since your tool can convert to quad retopo patches.
  12. gbball

    New Curves Beta

    This looks great @gorbato
  13. gbball

    [Feature] Intelligent brush masking ?

    This is something that you're right is missing. It's very important for modeling. Zbrush has move topological which does what you're talking about. It would be useful for making adjustments to lips, eyelids, fingers, etc. I wonder too if it's an oversight or is there some technical reason that makes it difficult to implement. I too have been hoping for this kind of functionality and have to find workarounds. Keeping things on separate layers helps.
  14. gbball

    New Curves Beta

    Here is my latest test (attached) for anyone who wants to download it and try it out. This time I'm only using 'swept N gener' CurvesTest7.3b
  15. gbball

    New Curves Beta

    I'm just bumping this post because I think it's relevant to what I'm proposing for the curves tool.