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  1. gbball

    What Are You Working On ?

    Nice work! How do you like Akeytsu? I have yet to try it, but it looks interesting for real-time animation. Is it limited at all? How does it handle more advanced rigging like spline ik, blendshapes, constraints, etc.
  2. gbball

    What would be your dream Applink

    Yeah, Blender does already do this and it's free. It will also export to GLTF by default and babylon with a plugin. So for that reason it's not critical. But I would really love to have post-processing in the 3D-coat render room. A simple babylon html export from 3D-coat that you can open in browser would help in that regard though since it already has post-processing setup.
  3. gbball

    What would be your dream Applink

    Hi @haikalle, It's not exactly an applink, but it would be great if we could export to .babylon format and/or gltf/glb. Also, I'm curious @Andrew Shpagin what would be the possibility of integrating Babylon's render engine into the render room? https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#EYEPRI#3 (this one takes a little while to load, but worth the wait) https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#Y3C0HQ#146 Babylon.js is an opensource game engine for the web and it features a web-based render engine that rivals Sketchfab and Marmoset. Maybe an export to a local web directory that you can preview in browser.
  4. gbball

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Ok, thanks. I got it working in Surface mode, but not Voxel mode. It's pretty cool though.
  5. gbball

    WIP Stylized Skeletor

    Nice work!
  6. gbball

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    How did you get it working?
  7. gbball

    I will not be silent this time. Just my opinion !

    @Rygaard, Nice video. I see now the benefits that would be possible. It would be great. It would definitely be more of an undertaking for the dev team than what I was thinking, but definitely the most flexible option possible. It would be great if possible.
  8. gbball

    I will not be silent this time. Just my opinion !

    @Rygaard If you read the mantis report it actually says the tweak room functionality is being moved to the sculpt room. I'm crossing my fingers that this means we're going to get something more along the lines of what we've been hoping for. Quad/n-gon based meshes in the sculpt room with UV information and texture information retained...with access to some of the sculpt tools. And then if we're really lucky...non-destructive subdivision levels. Edit: This is the response shown in mantis Hello. Tweak room will be closed soon. All functionality will move to the Sculpt room.
  9. gbball

    I will not be silent this time. Just my opinion !

    I think whatever changes are made should be benefitial to an end to end workflow. A strong start to finish workflow should always be considered, while also being flexible enough to jump back and forth between modes/rooms to edit and make changes as needed. Non-destructive workflows and maximum flexibility. Changes to one room need to be considered in relation to the whole. So, for example...how to changes to retopo benefit an end to end workflow? The program will become too fragmented if things are developed too much in isolation.
  10. gbball

    [Solved] Symmetry complications

    Yeah, It sounds like you're encountering some kind of bug. Just tried it on my end and it works properly. I'm on Windows 10, using 4.8.38_SL DX It should work how you tried it. The new layer should default to the same symmetry as what you were just using, and you should also be able to change it per layer after the fact if you want.
  11. gbball

    [Solved] Symmetry complications

    Symmetry is per layer. The is a button at the bottom of the voxtree panel that will let you duplicate the space settings of the current layer. That might work. Or, you could duplicate the original layer and then delete its contents before doing the brush work you want.
  12. I just posted a couple of videos that might be helpful. Not sure if you've seen them before, but I created them a little while back. I also have a couple of timelapse videos that go through the whole process. Here is one where I took something all the way to finished. I didn't do a manual retopology, just an auto topology with some edits. I'd like to make some more detailed tutorials time permitting. Manually retopology is generally better. If you watch these and let me know if you have any questions, I'd be happy to give you some advice.
  13. gbball

    I will not be silent this time. Just my opinion !

    Even if sparse voxel octree were implemented, you still need to work with a quad based mesh at some point unless you're just focused purely on sculpting and you don't care about rigging and texture painting at some point.
  14. gbball

    New Curves Beta

    Yeah, it would be an ideal setup. Is this a Max plugin? I think as 3D Coat matures, we'll start to see some interesting plugins being developed. I had a look at the scripting API, but it was all in Russian, so I'm not sure how much of the data scripters have access to.