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  1. Thanks for this clue. After testing, I think it's affected by Windows UI scaling. I've confirmed that I can get Wintab to work properly on my 4K monitor if I set the UI Scaling to 100% in the Windows Display settings. When I had mine set to 200% it scaled the brush location from my cursor by 200% from the top left corner, causing the offset. @Andrew Shpagin hopefully this makes it easier to fix if you are still tracking this issue down.
  2. I really like this. Especially the way you brought it to life with the animation. Great job!
  3. gbball

    Sketchbook Journey

    These are getting really good man!
  4. i7-9700 with 48 gb ram...I don't know what the bottle neck is when comes to 3D Coat. But I ran out of virtual memory due to disappearing space on C: No matter how much I clean things up it seems like different programs keep dumping stuff in temp folders somewhere. It's unrelated but does anyone know how to prevent that from happening? Premiere, TVPaint, I'm assuming 3D Coat and other programs all seem to cache stuff away on the C: I can't stand it.
  5. I just tested and I got to 63 million triangles pretty comfortably. A little slow, but it seemed like I could go higher if I wanted.
  6. Yeah, I'm using something else, but Andrew has confirmed that it's an issue of monitor resolution when you have multiple monitors and one is at a different resolution. I was able to fix by changing the resolution to HD
  7. Hey everyone, for anyone interested, I'm streaming my use of the 2021.42
  8. Confirmed on my end too. What kind of tablet are you using?
  9. To go another step further, it would be nice if there was a space in 3D coat where you could just work on everything without switching rooms. You can keep the rooms for more specialized workflows, but having a space where you can just do everything would be nice. The sculpt room is the closest to that currently. Of course, having an outliner and context sensitive toolset would be key.
  10. @Andrew Shpagin @Gorbatovsky How does the link work? Is it a conform to sculpt mesh link? Or are you sculpting a modified version of the retopo mesh? I think for clarity, there should be some indication in the sculpt room, when you are working on a retopo mesh. My suggestion would be to have a Quads/Ngon object type in the sculpt room...maybe you could call it polymesh mode or polygon mode...with the option of connecting it with a more traditional voxel or sculpt mesh object...this would be the equivalent of conform retopo object to sculpt, but control the linkage in the Voxtree instead of the checkbox in the top left. With some kind of warning, if you're using a tool that will break the linkage, like boolean operations. Additionally, there should be an option to work directly on quad based meshes not linked to any sculpt object in the sculpt room. It seems like some of the functionality is there, because I can make a model object, then do a non-destructive catmull-clark subdivision, then sculpt on it, with the changes being updated on the low poly quad model. It's unclear though, because the model 'lives' in the retopo or model space and it's not clear that there is a linkage in the sculpt room, because it appears as a regular surface object layer. To take it a step further, I think the tools on the left should be context sensitive depending on what kind of mesh layer you're working with...Voxel/Surface/Quad/UV'd/etc and the voxtree/layers/curves/retopo objects/etc should be combined into a proper outliner with checkbox filters to show/hide the things you want to see and work with. Perhaps this becomes part of the roadmap for 3DCoat 2022/23 once all the bugs are addressed in 2021
  11. I've had similar issues. I was trying to use nodes though, so I thought it was related to that.
  12. Thanks, this works and allows me to do some sculpting. But I'll hold off on sharing feedback until I can try with Wintab
  13. Thanks this worked. And email sent!
  14. It seems like they both have the same problem. If I start with it on my main monitor Cintiq Pro 24 it opens fine. But then if I move the window to my other monitor (Cintiq Companion Hybrid) and then close it. If I then try to reopen it after having closed it on the 2nd monitor it wont reopen, it freezes. If I then delete or rename the PC/Documents/3D-CoatV2021 and then it will reopen on the main monitor again with no problem. So I can get it to open so long as I don't move the window to a different monitor and close it. It seems like it may be related to the wacom settings in some way.
  15. Okay, so if I rename the PC/Documents/3D-CoatV2021 folder it loads on my primary Cintiq and it opens properly, but I still have the sculpting issue with the brush cursor offset that I mentioned earlier.