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Coming from small village in Croatia. Peaceful place with nice people and river that flows through more than one country. Name of that river is Dunav,its kind of special meaning for this place.
But my love for 3D does not come from place where I live, but mostly from playing games as a kid. I always admired the work needed to put in something like games or movies. I am still casual gamer and I still love to watch some great movies with special effects like Marvel or DC franchise. It's pretty amazing how far we've come with technology. I also
love recreational sport like biking,basketball,running,street workout etc...there is nothing better than relaxing after work by workingout in nature. 
I specialized in hard surface modeling and modeling is something I enjoy the most,its like a puzzle to me. Can be pretty intense I must admit that.
But, satisfaction after work is done, can't be measured with anything. 
So if you are interested in ego free freelancer and need some super quality models,feel free to contact me,I will gladly help.
Cheers and enjoy this life as much as you can,its short!