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  1. Heksagon

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    I tried to use 4.9.07 (normally I use 01). It looks great, but I'm confused by some changes. Transform Tool: To Center Mass, Align to View etc options. These options are really important for me and many other users, so I'm not sure why they're gone. Vox Hide: I no longer have an option to use Lasso Tools. Most people use this tool with Lasso Tools, so... this change seem to be a bit odd. Edit: Ok, now I see that the greyed out Lasso Tools is a known bug.
  2. Hi. I also had this issue - apparently, normals are not something you can easily edit. There are some programs that are designed to create depth maps from the normal maps, I tested some, but the results were just... not impressive.
  3. Heksagon

    3DHexes - 3D Printable Tabletop Scenery

    Hello, 3DCoat Community. My name is Przemysław Słowiński, I've been using 3D-Coat for 2-3 years (I started thanks to the Learn Squared). I professionally sculpt for 3D printing (for Tabletop Games presently). I would like to present you my scultps, made exclusively in 3D-Coat. These are renders + printed and painted sculpts. All sculpts, renders, paintjobs and photos are made by me.
  4. I see... But I'm still not sure how to get the desired results. If only DISPLACEMENT maps may be baked - there is any way to create a displacement map from the normal map inside 3d-coat? (Yeah, I'm a beginner, as I mentioned before). I would be extremaly grateful for your help.
  5. 1. Micro - Vertex from splash menu 2. Import - > select mesh 3. Texture -> Import -> Normal Map 4. File -> Export -> High-poly mesh 5. Then go to the Scultp Room 6. File -> Import Object 7. Aaaand the imported mesh has no normal maps' details. I'm pretty much a beginner, could you tell me what I'm doing wrong? Before Importing the mesh to the Sculpt room, I can see the proper, high poly and detailed mesh, if the "View -> Show Poly object in Sculpt Room" is on - but I have no idea how to make it editable. I'm really clueless. There is any way to create a mesh from this preview?
  6. Sigh, I give up. I want to do exactly the same as arumiat. I did everything you wrote here, but after exporting as a high res mesh using the export menu my mesh is still lacking normal map details. It's really high poly, but without details. Could you help me, please? Any, even exaggeratedly simple, step-by-step would be VERY appreciated.
  7. Heksagon

    Textured Cylinder- help needed

    It worked. You're awesome, thank you very very much! Small question: how many triangles do you have on your object? I'm struggling with the details on mine.
  8. Hello everybody. I have a problem with making something really important for me and I can't find any tutorial for my idea. I don't have much experience with 3D-Coat or any other 3D software (so yeah, noob questions alert). I would be delighted if there was anyone who could help me. My goal- I would like to make a textured cylider with a seamless texture (real geometry), using Alphas or Stencils, without any stretching etc. I wonder if there is any good and fast way to achieve it. I'm really sory if it's a silly or way-too-noobish question.