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  1. to be able to use splines on the muscle,spike,worm tool etc... you can do it with curves but it would speed alot of things being able to use worm tool with splines
  2. if you change the falloff on the other modes it changes the paint modes falloff
  3. i know its not important but pose paint mode doesnt have an edit falloff bar... // work around you can go into any of the other modes edit the power and then go back
  4. Desktop 25-09-2022 16-03-57.mp4 @Carlosan just done a fresh install too
  5. freeze tool + vox layer vox layer wont work and when you try to ctrl+z you end up with freeze tool creating weird patterns again
  6. i suppose you already have concept art etc? believe it or not... a lot would do character for free just out of love for the art
  7. im not paying that badword money... apps will just have to implement hipify..
  8. the voxhide tool is non destructive meaning you can bring geometry back using ctrl+lmb but also before added resolution you need to delete hidden geometry to confirm the shape of the mesh otherwise adding resolution just resets the tool... because it thinks you need more resolution before cutting.
  9. omg its true... core 0 maxes out... when sculpting... it appears to be just surface tools... which is strange because the tools utilizing one core works smoother than the tools that use 9 other cores...
  10. a remesher that you can use with polygroups etc.
  11. Desktop 15-09-2022 20-02-46.mp4 also steady stroke doesnt work with vox hide
  12. its not properly following topology... vox hide should follow the line you create, if you use a brush then it follows correctly but the line tool doesnt
  13. 3dcoat doesnt do well with one mesh that is separated does it.... surface noise modifier ruins the whole mesh unless its a single combined mesh
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