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  1. to be fair ... the options to have a gizmo on active points on point to polygons would be very helpful
  2. i would like to say there's a fix ... but .. the uv auto unwrap doesn't always work perfectly .. and like anything automatic ... manual is always better ... doesn't have to be perfect but seam it out and get a better uv, you'll find the bakes are better quality too
  3. its ok, this feature wouldn't work . but it would be nice if , when you add a new primitive, or curve generated mesh that it would automatically make a new layer
  4. can we get some sort of way to edit our mesh in the modelling room , and separate parts of the mesh, i could sculpt for an hour on a specific area and just realised it was on the same layer as something next to something ... which texturing is going to be a nightmare now... as i have to paint around it.
  5. yea .. to be fair , alot of the main requests hopefully come in 2023 but for now they are trying their best to get everything done
  6. alot of work needs doing to mutires... personally i dont use it, its more trouble than good
  7. yea but multires currently just creates random triangles... when you look at topology its not even.. its not a proper multires when you actually look at it.. its like the software stores high poly and low and just tries to interpolate between them with random topology...
  8. i believe they are sorting the triangle issue.. and getting quads soon , should help alot with this issue especially shading etc
  9. can we get a hpolish tool... something that appreciates edges but smooths out the mesh to be able to toggle between just smoothing or smooth the edge flat , just a brush called polish would be amazing along with quads keep up the amazing work guys big loves
  10. personally i haven't had bugs with paint room, i think it just needs alot love put into it... however power smooth does destroy the paint applied ... it smooths it to almost a point its erased
  11. honestly... 99% of 3dcoat i dont understand ... i cant find tutorials or explanations for a lot of it... really is try things ... might get something i only ever use 3dcoat these days for painting a few stylized pieces but even now its very unstable and ive reverted to painter again so best advice ... try things , and try them things with other things and see what results you get
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