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  1. retopo room / tool-relax the relax tool also affects the sharp edges , prior to this the relax would only affect areas not marked with sharp edges
  2. whats your topology look like? for some reason 3dcoats having baking issues with tri meshes ...
  3. i cant replicate any move tool bug ... but im using 2024.16
  4. i had this once , in the paint room its because my layer was changed from layer 0 to layer 1 ... weird but might be something different try a few things ... alot of the rooms affect other rooms without sometimes even trying
  5. is it possible to hotkey brushes? im so used to brush menu and then using the first letter of the words plus letter of syllable or first letter of second word like clayfast = space+c+f or buildup= space+B+U and inflate= space+I+F i know it seems silly but i dont know which tools are adjust .. most of the time i just know which brush i need and the brush menu flashes ... a universal naming of brushes too ... it would just help people coming from other software to help with workflow and usability
  6. im lost what you stuck with?
  7. its ok ,its not a biggy , there are workarounds , inside each tool i just need to separate them as they are exported joined, so its not a serious issue
  8. sculpt room , when i export scene or selected , all layers and groups get merges into a single object
  9. my man! youre not offending anyone , i think at the moment , its not something they are currently working towards , my idea of 3dcoat is creation and creativity , thats why the tools make concept work so darn fast! but im all for AI especially when it comes to texture generation , if pilgway ever implemented a texture generation software they would destroy the competition , creating libraries of textures takes so much time .. so if there was a separate software like sampler for example .. im all for it.
  10. ai is fine , but doesnt the implementation of the software cost alot ? also doesnt stable diffusion not just use cc0 assets? so alot of what youre making cant be used ?
  11. what you make in stable diffusion ... you can make anywhere ... master the art of painting if youre going for stylized master that ... dont use ai trust me
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