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  1. sorry that was silly of me, for me the clay thick layer is very slow in voxel mode thick layer parameters the responsiveness is quite slow. and the voxel tools grow tool crashes me instantly
  2. can anyone else check the carve tool on voxels please.. mine isn't doing anything at all
  3. anyone else got a slight lag when fast movement left to right its become unresponsive.. not sure if its my end or not but blender at 2 mil is a lot more responsive
  4. nope it does crash you're correct lol i wasn't using alpha
  5. I got up to 40mil and i got bored but... I tried all the stroke tools and they were fine I couldn't replicate it
  6. its ok pose tool works but only using brush... not rectangle selection
  7. also ... not sure if this is possible but pose tool doesn't use symmetry? was we ever able to use symmetry?
  8. apparently no.. unless its for teaching etc.... not 100% sure just a Quick google
  9. merging problem I use two rectangle meshes one to add and one to split, I use the flat tool to bevel the connecting edges on both meshes and then I shift drag to merge the two and this happens
  10. getting random instability crashes while playing with alpha stamps on about 2-3 million tris
  11. voxel tool pinch - CRTL lmb is isn't inverse pinching its just making blobs everywhere
  12. yep the voxel airbrush crashes instantly
  13. voxel airbrush crashed me
  14. just redone the same exact steps and didn't crash... could just be me..