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  1. i know this would be a huge amount of work and just thinking about it would annoy me but..... what if each tool on 3dc had a button bind to it lets say i for info and it brings up a youtube video of how to use that tool this would help so much for new users also not sure if this is possible someone might be able to help me... but can you use the cut out tool and a depth into the mesh and not just cutout the whole section into the selection box
  2. aww nice! actually did not know that.. doesn't say it anywhere either thank you
  3. I'm really curious, i can use the software but... why was it made so complicated? why is the process of modelling something simple so long winded? why cant you select what mesh you want to work on inside the viewport? why is binding keys such a long process... I've been using for a year now and I still find myself going back to blender simply tools and sculpting just because 3dc likes to jump sometimes surely it can be made simpler , even software like zbrush has started simplifying its tools and ui to be more user friendly the easier it is to pick up the more attraction it would get.. that's just my 2p's worth.
  4. thats really strange .. mine should be able to get that easy then, might have to look into why its crashing ,i honestly cant even get 32 mil
  5. awwww.... ill try again, i only have a 10850k and 32 gb ram , what you currently running?
  6. this isnt a bug but its something to note inside blender i can comfortably sculpt at 50 million polys its slow but you can stamp details easily inside 3dc i can even get 50 million polys... it just crashes, i know you dont need that many but its just something to note.
  7. i know this isnt a bug but would really help, when youre adding models to sculpt room a dedicated drop down bar for porting the meshes to different scenes would be nice... i hate scrolling menus.
  8. i know this isnt related but how much will upgrade from amateur to 2021 be? i didnt want professional as im a hobbyist
  9. using the cut off tool with spline selection at roughly 250k causes a crash
  10. snake tool doesnt follow the brush stroke correctly for example the surface area stays the exact same
  11. toothpaste tool doesnt work at all
  12. snake brush doesnt collide with outside surface correctly and goes through the model
  13. adding a bevel deletes faces....
  14. not quite sure what these tools do sometimes, I've only ever used it for sculpting and retopo... but i selected too edge and sli the bottom edge upwards and the right edge jumped out the way.....
  15. the modelling side of thing needs a rework, i personally use blender for this normally because it has a super fast workflow theres way too much going on inside 3dc spline tool seems to be inverted? its giving off really weird results