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  1. Hi, are you listed here?
  2. I was searching something and found Artec's Article about top 3d modeling software according to their opinion. Was happy to see 3dCoat there. Unfortunatelly no Info about processing their 3d scanners with 3d coat. But as a user of both their scanner and 3dCoat, I can say that it's a good combo.
  3. For me it was a great update. I remember I mentioned before that I use Artec Eva as a 3d scanner. It is a nice device. Worth all it's money. But the color data it is able to capture is not that good. It is more like a shape capturing device. I've updated my software to the newest version (skipped couple of versions cause of money) because of a new feature which implements photogrammetry into the process. Photogrammtry I think is the best way to capture proper color data. I remeber I've trued to match scanned data and photogrammetry data before. I've used two models from scanner and from photogrammetry and baked texture from 2nd one to 1st. Wasn't really accurate cause I was unable to get photogrammeried shape close enough to scanned one. Now Studio itself can use photos to arrange them around already scanned model to progect color. The result is way better. And faster. I hope I would have time to maybe capture a shor video of a proccess, but can't promice anything. Here they have short description and an example:https://www.artec3d.com/3d-software/artec-studio
  4. That's why i use handheld 3d scanner to get 3d model for my own purposes. Faster. No banana will have time to turn dark.
  5. Hi, my name is Mike. And i started using 3d coat just for retopology of my models, created in other software. Then step by step i turned to create my models fully in the Coat. At the moment i'm going to buy my first 3d scanner and, i'm wondering if 3d Coat can work with meshes comes fron scans.
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