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  1. Oh my, that was the case. Thank's a lot! ^^
  2. I'm sorry that I explained it poorly. I don't have any selections available now. They have disappeared. Like this ->
  3. Hi, I tried to reset ui, but cant seem to fix missing option in paint room. I think it's paint with cavity or something.. if I remember correctly. I may have done something wrong, but can't fix it now. That setting is missing.. -> (picture)
  4. Rela-x

    Blender Applink

    No matter what I do Blender always makes "C:\Users\User\Documents\3DC2Blender\ApplinkObjects" directory and exports objects there. No matter where I set on exchange folder on blender. I even did reset all 3dCoats settings too.. but nothing helps...
  5. Rela-x

    Blender Applink

    I tried to do new exchange folder under "my documents" (C:\Users\User\Documents\3DCTRANSFER), but nothing happens after export. Where should I do it or should any location work? It did this kind of file to newly created folder (C:\Users\User\Documents\3DCTRANSFER) -> import.txt " C:\Users\User\Documents\3DC2Blender\ApplinkObjects\3DC004.fbx C:\Users\User\Documents\3DC2Blender\ApplinkObjects\3DC004.fbx [ppp] [export_preset Blender Cycles] " Should I use "C:\Users\User\Documents\3DC2Blender\ApplinkObjects\" loaction in blender? What did I do wrong here? It must be my fault. I've clearly messed up something.. It was working while ago..
  6. Rela-x

    Blender Applink

    Hi, I'm having trouble when sending objects to blender. I may have changed default path to somewhere 3dc settings, but not sure.. can't find the place.. so is it possible to change / relocate path in 3dcoat? Transferring did work once lately, but now 3dcoat does nothing when I push "send -> per-pixel painting". I may have messed up something. So question is how do I check that locations are same in blender and 3dc?
  7. Still crashing, but works better I think. Trying to figure out what's wrong in my system. Last stable build for my computer seems to be 4.9.05 Also wondering how to fix shading in render room.
  8. Thank you I'll try those things
  9. I have lot of problems with newest release 4.9.12 (GL64) . It hangs and crashes a lot. It crashes when calculating curvature in paint room and many other things just crashing program. What I should try to fix those.. any idea?
  10. Rela-x

    HUION Tablet and 3D-Coat issues

    Just wondering if this is fixed by HUION now? Because I'm going to buy HUION KAMVAS Pro 13 if it works fine with 3dCoat.
  11. Rela-x

    [Solved] Symmetry issue

    Now it's doing this all the time. Even on new scene. Can I send something here (scene, options***.xml etc.)? Would it help to resolve problem? Any ideas how I could make program work again. Reinstall?
  12. Rela-x

    [Solved] Symmetry issue

    Hi, I'm quite new 3d Coat user and I got second time weird symmetry issue when painting (at least in stamp modes). First everything was fine but suddenly symmetry went broken and it's kind of flipped now. Can't get it fixed. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong. Geometry is symmetrical, I have tried reset symmetry with no success, etc. - Reko
  13. Thank you for answer. I can export model from 3d coat and import it to 3ds max 2017, but I don't know how to export ptex texture from 3d coat to max (material). And how to do it without UV mapping (I think ptex does not necessarily need UV mapping. Am I right? )
  14. Hi, I'm super n00b with 3d coat (and quite noob with max :-D ). I have tried to to make object in 3d coat and I haven't figured out how I could easiest import it to 3ds max 2017 using ptex material. Cant' find tutorial for that process. 3d coat is awesome program! <3 - Rela-x