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  1. ok it works with shortcuts like F6 function keys but not with somtething like
  2. looks like not fixed, the shortcut is viewed but does not work at all
  3. what does this curve reflect? because it's probably not the shape of this alpha XD
  4. Pick and Past show up on surface mode.. not on voxel ..should because it's not on my vanilla clean new instal.. and second one I can't install my older brushpacks if ther above 100mb ..[instal as extension]
  5. this should be on the head banner of the 3dcoat forum.
  6. Record AngelScript is nice, but nicer would be record to Python script right now ;p
  7. I can change it but if I delete it and save it at null.. after reopening the 3dcoat back to the 'S' shortcut XD... this is, I think top of some 'mountain bug' in the 3dcoat shortcut system.
  8. 2023.29 win11 Vox layer symmetry according to Pligway XD ręce kurwa opadają and moving between freeze [ or better say mask XD ] and transpose doesn't work properly.
  9. No joke this is something with a shortcuts system in 3dcoat, I know how to add or delete shortcuts in this software ;] There should be a place [not text file like it is now XD ] to see all shortcut pins in this software for different rooms too, because now is fokin madness...
  10. This doesn't work on any 3D Coat to this day .. That S shortcut always back after I reopen the software :/ ...And yes I saved the shortcut file.
  11. 2022.50 double click don't cut/hide mesh :[ ..come on man this is basic..
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