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  1. EvilMP

    Blender 2.83 Applink

    I tried it again today with the newer version of 3D coat (4.9.37 Pro) with even worst results now the entire cylinder back is missing.
  2. EvilMP

    Blender 2.83 Applink

    Haikalle, I tried both ways with the model's modifiers not applied and with them applied and close to the same result. It seems like it does not like Boolean difference models. I used a mod called Fluent Power Trip to make the Boolean difference and then cleaned the model for any potential vertex screw ups. Even manually doing it the long way same behavior. boolean test model.blend
  3. I was just doing Anton's giant mech tutorial and ran into a problem or maybe not. I am not even sure at this point, Anton uses the high res default figure and then duplicates it. Then does what he calls "cleans" the copy. Which I am assuming he it deleting the copy of the figure with some sort of script. So I manually deleted the figure on the duplicate layer to emulate what he performed. Then with the duplicate layer he uses the carve brush with the square brush and starts to sketch on top of the original figure. He then changes the color of the PBR shader to black while the original figure on the main layer is polymer blue. I tried this and it keeps selecting the base figure am I really missing some technique here? I am so lost at this point. I tried everything I could think of with no luck for over an hour. Any guidance provided would be greatly appreciated.
  4. EvilMP

    Blender 2.83 Applink

    I didn't update to this version yet. But ran into a problem moving a model (a lot of applied modifiers) from Blender to 3D coat and there were quads torn and missing. Does the new update correct that problem?
  5. While modeling I ran into a bug with the quick menu. I have the beta option enabled in order to use the cool new curves editor. I switched tools through the Quick Menu which mine is set to "1" which is the Split tool. So I tried selecting it two ways by the space and then number and also manually clicking on the quick access menu. Every time it went to Coat, I even loaded a new scene and could reproduce the behavior back to back. The only way I could select the correct split tool was to scroll down the side bar menu and select it that way. When you disabled Beta tools, it seems to operate as intended.
  6. EvilMP


    Does anyone know of any courses that teach you retopology in 3D coat? I have yet to complete retopo on a full model without losing my mind. I am not school trained and have been learning modeling on my own. Another question what is the feasibility of using 3D coat to make characters (Avatars) for VR Chat?
  7. In the 3D coat video Swept1 that shows how you can take a curve and make like like a tunnel from the curve. When you create the curves to create the tunnel portion, and have them in "surface mode" like in the video the extended context box with the "swap profile long Guide Curve" is not coming up when I right click one of the curves. The "Beta" option is turned on am I serious missing something here? I am running the 4.9.01 Pro in GL mode. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  8. EvilMP

    [Solved] Swept1 Video Curve Issue

    Remi if you follow what Carlosan posted it works. If your going to the curves tree and then right clicking that menu is there. If not I would suggest a clean install of 3d coat. I had a similar problem awhile back when the version gap was bigger than this last one.
  9. EvilMP

    [Solved] Swept1 Video Curve Issue

    Carlosan you are absolutely correct when I went over to the tree and right clicked that menu came up and it was right there. I believe whom ever was doing the demo is really fast with the shortcuts and the video didn't capture the feature correctly. It's working this is totally awesome.
  10. EvilMP

    [Solved] Weird Layer Glitch

    Carolsan you are definitely the "Grandmaster" or "Sage" of 3D coat. It did the trick and now it's working just as in Anton's video. Thank you very much for the quick reply, I was beginning to think something was wrong with the software, I even started to face roll the keyboard. LOL.
  11. I was following along with a tutorial I purchased from Anton Tenitsky for creating a big mech. In the first initial steps it uses the default high res mannequin then duplicates it to another layer at the x5 resolution. Both layers are identical, then he clears the layer which I did and found out I could not create on that layer for some strange reason. Repeated the process again this time I did not clear the layer and I was able to use the carve tool in the sculpt room, this is where it started to do something weird, while using the carve tool (brush) on that duplicated layer it kept jumping to the base layer it was copied from. I also tried the "H" trick and brushing it a little bit before creating the duplicate layer. I got so pissed with 3D Coat I even uninstalled it and reinstalled it only to get the same behavior again. Am I doing something wrong because in Anton's video which I re-watched to see if I was missing something out of the norm, he is able to perform this with no issues. I am running 4.8.32 GL64 Pro version / on a Windows 10 Pro machine with a 1080TI geforce card. Any help would be greatly appreciated it. I have never seen this weird behavior before. Another thing I noticed that Anton was able to change the shader for the carve tool modeling, mine just tends to color the whole model with the same shader, again tried the "H" and brushing the model a little, didn't work either. So frustrating.
  12. EvilMP

    Hardcore Paint Tutorials

    I will go over these again, I just feel there is so much more to 3D coat and that I am not even scratching the surface of what it can do. I will have to dedicate some hardcore time into and see what it truly is capable of. The Pilgway videos are just quick OK, here is how you do this, not enough down and dirty for me to solidify a technique. Deep down from messing around I think 3D coat can kick the crap out of substance painter, the problem is not everyone uses the software in that fashion. I did some basic painting on the included models with some of the items I purchased from Michael which were amazing especially when I moved them into Instant Light for production renders. I really haven't had the time to mess around with Renderman and learn all the specifics on it yet.
  13. I was searching out some hardcore painting tutorials for 3D coat and was not having that great of luck. Does anyone know or have any links to such a specific area of 3D coat. I have already watched the Pilgway created ones but they are pretty much an overview. I am trying to make 3D coat my one stop shop for almost everything now. I stopped using substance painter because the updates are getting a bit ridiculous for my taste. Always having to go back and learn a procedure all over again because either I haven't touched that part of the software or don't even need it. It just seems more logical to me to try and become a master of one or two pieces of software like 3D coat and Blender (Hard Surface). Then trying to master like four or five.
  14. EvilMP

    Hardcore Paint Tutorials

    I just want to UV and paint all within 3D coat. Instead of modeling, retopo, UV unwrapping in 3D coat and then having to drag everything into substance painter. Then back to 3D coat or instant light for rendering.
  15. EvilMP

    3D Coat Tutorial Search Meltdown

    AbnRanger, I found it, the guy was doing a 3D coat to Cinema 4D. It was a pretty good stream the link is below after beating my head against the wall searching for it.
  16. Ok I am a bit panic stricken, the other night I was searching "3D Coat Tutorials 2018" I came across a live stream this guy was doing and he was covering some of the tools etc. It was a very good stream where he was doing a cyborg head example. Now for the life of me I can't find a link to the recording or even if he posted it. Any help provided would be greatly appreciated.
  17. EvilMP

    Eye modeling in 3d coat

    Carlosan, Thanks for the information this will help.
  18. EvilMP

    Eye modeling in 3d coat

    I need some serious help for modeling an eye in 3d coat. I have found little to no help with this and I have a model to complete. Anyone that could give me some direction I would be very appreciative.
  19. EvilMP

    Default Shader

    I have added some of the addons and brushes 3D coat has in there downloads section. However, I am not sure if this was a revision decision or I am missing something. When I sculpt I am not getting that gray looking model like you see in most 3D coat tutorials. I am getting the clay colored model to start with. Is this a setting or am I crazy! lol - I am running the Pro version of 3D coat. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I forgot to mention I am running it in the GL64 mode.
  20. EvilMP

    Default Shader

    So that means I would have to install all the addons for the shaders I have purchased and any custom pen packs etc. After the re-install. Does this every happen again after the re-install. I would hate to do this every time 3D coat gets messed up.
  21. EvilMP

    Stacked Plate Look

    I was wondering if anybody could give me an idea or a tutorial of how to create that stacked plated looking armor. For example I wanted to work on a head of one of the Anubis guards from Stargate. I just don't understand how to do that layering effect down the front of the neck. I have attached a reference image so you can see what I am talking about on the front of the neck. Any information on how to do this process would be greatly appreciated.
  22. EvilMP

    Academic and Pro Version

    Is it just me when I upgraded from Academic to Pro the program seems a lot faster. Is it because the restrictions are lifted?
  23. EvilMP

    Introduce yourself!

    Hi, My name is Kyle I started with tinkering modeling and Blender back when Blender was at the 2.5 stage. I was also a Bryce and Poser user, god I am showing my age. Kept with Blender for some time and got sick of the old school method of texturing models, so I played around with ZBrush when it was new to the seen and the learning curve to me seemed to steep for my taste. I just recently opted to get 3D Coat because I still have issues with UV unwrapping complex models, and I can't seem to find a solid method to the madness. I took a break from modeling all together for a couple years and was hitting the electric guitar pretty hard but my job involved a lot of hours and traveling all over the globe, so once I completed that venture and changed careers into IT, I picked up modeling once again as a stress reliever and creative output. Currently using Blender, 3D Coat (Learning it), Substance Painter, Hexagon 2.5, DAZ Studio 4.9, Bryce 7 Pro, Painter 2016. Nail me to the stake but no Photoshop here not a fan. Here is a list of things I have tinkered with but always came back to Blender just something about it's UI and the community that supports it. Maya 3DS Gamemax 3DS Max Rhino A little bit of Lightwave in the beginning when it hit the scene GIMP The list is pretty lengthy so I will end on that note