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  1. sHAYM4N

    [Solved] Updating 3DCoat

    Oh that's wicked thanks! Was hoping that was the case, but thought I'd better check
  2. sHAYM4N

    [Solved] Updating 3DCoat

    Hi guys, sorry for the inane question, but couldn't find details on it. Which is the proper way to install an update to 3DCoat? Uninstall first or over the top will be fine? I've normally only updated to be honest when reformatting my PC, so haven't really checked on this before, thanks!
  3. It's a real shame you can't finish the plugin Haunted, but massive Kudos for going as far as you have with it and hope things get better for you soon! Hopefully the interest generated here may spur the 3DC dev team into updating the current plugin into something useful & more robust
  4. Just a big thanks @Haunted for making this happen! Have been doing this manually for the last few months, and testing it out now in cycles and works great. Only thing I think I may have missed is there anyway for it to deal with multiple sub/materials? On my test it just imported the one from the obj. Just downloading 2.8 now to try out eevie - been meaning to try it out for a few weeks now, looks awesome!
  5. I know you said the drivers aren't installed for the 3dconexxion but have you tried connecting it and seeing if the performance is the same? For me the lag only occurs when the device isn't connected
  6. sHAYM4N

    Sketchfab and alphas bugs?

    Yep 4.8.04. The alphas bug seems to get worse the longer I'm working in 3DC, if I close and reopen the alpha switch is a lot quicker it seems
  7. sHAYM4N

    Sketchfab and alphas bugs?

    Hi all Still fairly new to 3DC but have a couple of bugs at the moment. 1. If I switch alpha sets, the program really comes to a crawl for anything up to 20 seconds (like its about to crash). Dont have anything extra installed atm, just the default sets. 2. Upload to Sketchfab just completely closes/crashes the program. Any ideas greatly appreciated!
  8. Thanks! Managed to narrow it down further. Reinstalled the 3dConnexion drivers, issue remains but ONLY when the navigator isn't plugged in, so hah typical! Can live with it for now, but one for the next 3DCoat update hopefully!
  9. Problem solved! (Mostly) Issue remained after the driver update, if I pan, zoom or orbit slowly its fine, but any reasonable speed and the lag occurs. Really strange, wondered if it could be the 3dconnexion drivers for my space navigator, uninstalled those and now its fine! Although not sure if it's now an issue at 3dcoats end on the 3d mouse or I should contact 3dConnexion? My navigator wasn't plugged in at the time btw, so definatley seems to be those drivers with 3dcoat?
  10. Thanks! I only have Blender installed atm, but no lag whatsoever with that, neither on Battlefield 1. I've uninstalled 3DCoat and just clean installing the latest driver 388.00 then will try again.
  11. Added a quick capture above, may not be easy to make out, but hopefully can see the lag in the viewport that I'm experiencing
  12. sHAYM4N

    Hi all! (and Logitech G13 query/request)

    Many thanks guys! I actually went for a Space Navigator in the end, thought I would try it out. Nearly sent it back the day after - but stuck with it and yeah learning to love it now. Not ideal for everything when keystrokes are needed but for painting and longer sculpt sessions works a treat! Will definately look at setting the G13 up still as well though as I think they should work pretty well together. @EmperorHamHam your setup sounds very familiar, pretty much how I setup the joystick on Photoshop for brush size (though really wish it was possible to map it to opacity as well)
  13. Hi all Grabbed myself a copy of 3DC a couple of weeks ago, have been loving it so far. Last week I got the dreaded Win10 popup for the fall creators update - dismissed it with remind me tomorrow, and it installed itself anyway that evening on shutdown (the joy!) Anyway it pretty much messed up my adobe CC installation - all psd's saved out were corrupt, so I decided to reformat my OS drive and start afresh (as I usually do every 6 months or so). Installed 3D Coat again today, and the peformance seems to have taken a massive hit. I'm running in DX Mode, but the viewports lag when rotating and panning, even with just a basic primitive. Have tried toggling cuda on and off, and still the same. PC Specs aren't amazing but wasnt a problem before the update - would have thought it would be better now after the refresh rather than worse! Am running all the latest drivers for the below Any ideas greatly appreciated! Windows 10 Pro 64Bit (Fall Creators Update) i7 6700k (OC'd to 4.5Ghz) 16GB Corsair Vengeance 3200 Gigabyte Geforce 980 Ti Windforce Samsung EVO 850 SSD for OS and 3D Coat installation
  14. Hi all, 3d Coat noob here. I'm a freelance designer (2D and 3D) and came across 3DCoat in a tutorial yesterday. Previously I've mainly used Sculptris, 3DSMax (a long while ago now) and trials with ZBrush. Was always impressed with ZBrush's capabilities, but the web of UI has always put me off making the investment. I understand it would all come second nature if I used it daily - but the nature of my work can mean I could be coding or working on anything else other than sculpting for days or weeks at a time. So 3DCoat looked a great alternative, and took the plunge with the pro version yesterday. Really impressed so far, and enjoyed using it so far Have run through quite a few of the tutorials now and am trying to work it into my setup.... I now use a Huion GT220 V2 as my primary tablet, and also recently purchased a Logitech G13 to go with it (really helps with the hotkeys on one hand). I've tried a few things, but the main problem I have at the moment is finding a decent solution for navigating without using the mouse. I've tried assigning all 3 mouse buttons to the pen, but doesn't really feel that intuitive with the hover distance of the pen being quite low. I was wondering if there was any support or way I could use the G13's joystick as an analogue replacement for the mouse movement? Can set a keycombo for pan etc. I can set it to mouse mode which does actually work pretty well, but if the pen is within drawing hover they obviously clash with each other so can be a problem. I've not seen any hotkeys for camera movement either to use other than the mouse and the keypad snappings. Has anyone come up with a decent solution for this they could share or could it be a possible feature request to have an additional analogue set of controls hooks for a joystick? Seen that 3D Mouse support is already available, but don't know if this could be piggybacked in anyway? Thanks for any advice!