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  1. I downloaded and installed your hotkeys. But during the work I did not find any freezes, much less crashes. There may be a problem with your file.
  2. Hello! Please send a crash report using the feedback form that opens immediately after the crash. If you can give a list of steps so that you can repeat the crash, it will be even better.
  3. I checked all the models from the Start Menu and even tried my own. It always worked correctly. That's what I'm doing -ScreenCaptureProject1073.mkv There is a problem with filling the relief of the webcam model from the Start menu. I'll report it to the developer.
  4. Yes, I informed the developer about this. Thanks for pointing this out.
  5. It seems that in version .06 this works correctly. Or I didn't understand your problem.
  6. Hello! Your model is so complex that it’s hard to immediately understand what’s going on. Could you share the scene to try to figure this out? Or maybe one of the more experienced 3D artists will answer soon.
  7. After you have unwrapped your mesh you need to create an object and then it will be displayed correctly in the UV room
  8. Try selecting the name of the corresponding UV set from the drop-down list
  9. It has been around for a long time. The person responsible for the operation of the primitives promised to fix the bug.
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