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  1. I can't find this item in the menu of the Modeling room. Can you show it?
  2. Please write, what layer thickness do you set in the export menu for 3D printing?
  3. Yes, now I see a problem. Thank! But I do not promise that it will be fixed soon. The curves are still in development.
  4. Unfortunately, this is not reproduced. Try installing the latest version.
  5. I assign the radius of each point and have no difficulty with this. Try changing the Polygons Density setting.
  6. Can you install the latest version of the program 4,8,37 and check for errors? If something happens again - please write.
  7. Can you send me the most important errors by mail? I will try to analyze each. resell@3dcoat.com
  8. Thank. We know the problems of the Cell tool. This tool is in the finalization. Alternatively, you can use the tool Vox Hide (Скрыть) or Cut Off (Отрезать)
  9. Please write what version of the program are you using? In version 4.8.37 there is no such problem.
  10. I sent the file to Support@3dcoat.com. We solve this problem.
  11. It's true, do you need parts of this size?
  12. Your object is too small. Try to scale it and everything will turn out.
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