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  1. Hi all, Since I updated to v22, my v key and colour picker seem to have stopped working. I can't pick colours with either method. I'm not sure it was updating that broke it, but I think I could when I was previously on 16, and I only updated yesterday. Anyone any idea why this might be happening? Thanks, Mike
  2. Dodgy

    3D-Coat 4.5 released!

    When I loaded in a pre 4.5 object for PP, it didn't load the first layer's data. I had loaded it in 4.5 betas with no problems, but the actual release it brought in the first layer as a transparent layer, and when I filled it and saved then reloaded it again, it came in transparent again. Anyone else see this? Mike
  3. Dodgy

    Anyone upgraded to Windows 8?

    Well a little further on and I've managed to get some win 8 drivers for my tablet which solved my problems there, so it's back to alt+lmb/rmb/mmb navigation on 3dc, while I use Classic shell to handle my start menus. All seems to work well, pretty indistinguishable from win 7 for the most part, so use that if you have it, and upgrade if you're on vista or earlier I say.
  4. Dodgy

    Anyone upgraded to Windows 8?

    I would definitely say, if you're on win 7, don't bother. But Vista and earlier it's worth the upgrade to 7 or higher.
  5. Dodgy

    Anyone upgraded to Windows 8?

    I bought a win 8 based laptop recently and it is great apart from: A>No start menu, which basically means no way to get to Accessories (or other windows menu files) without searching and pinning them to your start bar. I can't see why they removed it apart from to force people to use the start screen, which doesn't have all the functionality of the start menu. If they'd kept it in, it would be big improvement over win 7, there are a lot of new nice features there, and they wouldn't have had any complaints at all. The start screen is a great alternative on tablets, but the desktop part (which is just like win 7 and simple to switch to, not a hack) should have kept the start menu. And B> my cheap tablet, a Genius f610 is having problems with it when it had no problems with win7, which I loved. The driver won't let me open the button mapping panel, so while my pen's buttons work as middle and right mouse buttons perfectly in some apps, in others they act only as right mouse. I've had to remap the navigation in 3dc because of this. Anyone else had this problem?
  6. Dodgy

    Pixel painting brush lags

    3.3 seems to have fixed my PPP jittering problem. Thanks Andrew!
  7. Dodgy

    Pixel painting brush lags

    I'm on a i5 2.4 GHz 4 gig laptop with a 230M nvidia card.
  8. Dodgy

    Pixel painting brush lags

    I still get the problem on the ogl 32 bit version.
  9. Dodgy

    V4 released :)

    Congratulations Andrew! All the best! Mike Green
  10. Hi all, I have a mesh derived from the mesh I originally painted with the per pixel painting tools (its a more detailed version of this mesh Capn Stripe. I'd like to bring that into 3dc to paint the new additions to the mesh. It has had parts of the original mesh changed, although the UV maps remain in the same areas. Is it possible to bring the newer mesh in and replace the original, keeping all the painted layers and having one or more new UV maps for new parts (and/or new parts mapped into the spare space of the old UV maps)? Regards, Mike
  11. Dodgy

    3D Brush rocks , it is awesome

    Yeah, this software is awesome! Thank you very much for this wonderful work.