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  1. Bungeecow

    Bump Map lines

    I think it is if, I bring it into Photoshop and do an offset there are no seams.
  2. Bungeecow

    Bump Map lines

    This may be a very silly question. I'm trying to create a wet clay shader using a repeating Normalmap texture but I'm getting straight lines that get more pronounced as I increase the bump. How do I make these go away? Thanks
  3. Bungeecow

    Bump to geometry ?

    Got it, it took me a while to find that mode. It's working now but I'm still not getting the bump/displacement details showing up on the mesh
  4. Bungeecow

    Bump to geometry ?

    Is this still relevant? I try to follow again but none of the export options are still there
  5. Bungeecow

    Renderman support ?

    I hope this is not true, I just bought 3dCoat because of the Renderman function!!