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  1. awesome!!! just tested seems to work really well so far! thanks for fixing it I still have the pressure of the tablet acting on the depth of the stroke even i disactivated the option.
  2. yeah show little dot when i drag and nothing happen. stamp.mp4
  3. stamp mode seems broken as well in many tools...i dont get why everything is so broken....
  4. 2d paint is kind of broken as you can see..... 2dpaint.mp4
  5. also radius variation/depth variation and spacing in brush option don't work
  6. no same problem, its only doing that problem when using the tablet btw
  7. also i was wondering if it d be possible in stencil mode to add an option to tile the texture but get to chose the axis, so i can have the tiling only on x or y
  8. looks like latest update fixed the extrude with selection problem thanks with 2d paint tool, its using pressure control for the depth even if i didn't chose the option
  9. reported it here thanks. really odd i tried latest update from yesterday and none of those tools work with the lasso...hope this will be fixed soon!
  10. any tools in the clay/draw category (such as extrude, build up,expand,etc....)don't seem to work when using any of the selection tools like lasso, rectangle etc... also when selection the lasso for instance I don't see the extrude direction option at the top like in the previous versions. thanks
  11. my problem is extrude,build and any tool in the same "category", i cannot extrude using either lasso, rectangle or any of the selection tools, doesn't seem to work. I also don t see the direction menu when i want to extrude at the top
  12. please fix the extrude/build,..... in voxels mode really wish this will be working again soon as it s such a basic function thanks guys
  13. 2d paint tool seems broken as well and acting really weird.... doing random rotation
  14. when would you think the lasso/rectangle extrusion in voxels will be fixed? (looks like all the tools in clay/draw category don't seem to work with selections tools in voxel) thanks.
  15. hope this will be fixed soon, I have to say i ve been pretty disapointed with 3dcoat 2021, it's pretty annoying for basic tools like that not to work while they were working just fine in previous version....