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  1. Hello! Could you try to combine 'testcurve1' with 'testcurve2' at the selected points to one single curve. (Scroll all the way down in the Curve Tree) I'm strugelling often with this operation. testfile.3b All the best!
  2. Hello Modelling Team! Please add Tangent Snap to Surface. This gives tangents more control. I am really confidend about curves in the last releases.
  3. Hello! The 'Shadow Cast' light comes straight from the left direction. Is that normal or did I set something? Its not important at all, but if anyone knows, feel free to leave a message. The right picture shows the object turned into the light.
  4. Hi Carlosan! Thank you. I tried updating drivers but it must be something else. In the sculptroom the light seems to come from a strange direction, a bit from the underside and from the left. It looks like it is in the wrong place, but i cannot steer it. The Object is sometimes black or white when switching to shadows. I'll further observe it. Have a nice weekend!
  5. ------------Solved: Render Room also effects Sculpt room light.-- Set Siluette light and Light Siluette to back to 0, if Shader go black or white. Hi everybody. This is not very important, but on my gtx1070, the 'cast shadow' is wrong applied in Sculpt and Render Room/Sculpt Model. Paint Model does work . Its like a white layer with shadow is glued on top of the shaders. Thank you.
  6. @Andrew ShpaginThats it, thank you! I didn't know that it was on, so I think others might wonder about the same when using it. I don't think removing on plane for 2 point curves is good. Maybe 'off' by default. There should be an option to turn it off before creation for all curve types. And ' keep in plane' should be the same as 'on plane' in the toolbar. Which could actually work if the selected curve sets the working plane. Thank you for your patience. All the Best!
  7. Hello! ver 0.45 Could you try to snap the ends together to a triangle. I provide this test file. I hope it helps. It was working pretty long, then it was working strange, and now it does not. I tried deleting options.xml but it must be somewhere else. Sometimes the curve cursor jumps in viewer direction or reaally far away. All the Best! curve_snap.3b
  8. Thank you very much for your step by step guide. It works. So I'll pay more attention to UV Sets and their polygroup.
  9. Hi! I have three UV sets unsorted right now. I did not pay much attention to the UVs because i'm just modelling right now. Sure, take a look. All the best! curve_car_wheel7.3b
  10. I have the same problem now in Coat2022.45 I cannot delete this seams, they appeared randomly. Is it okay to post in an old thread? I think it might be the same problem. Can only repair it with the new join clusters tool. Good thing. Greetings
  11. Hi. In the Modelling Room: -Align Vertex Tool: Circle,Sphere do not work, align to curve is cool. -Curves: Snap to Center does not work, very important snap, especially for circles and lines Stay strong!
  12. I wish there would be a console window to see whats going on, errors, statistics, commands for macro recordings.
  13. Me too, the White Balls vanish with the Add/Split tool.
  14. Hi! I'm trying to build a intersection on another curve for snap. It is almost working but destructs the 'snap to'-curve. And it should not connect. Greetings!
  15. Hello! Could you add a command to put selected curves in a new layer. This would really help to organize the CurvesTree. Found out Curves from differend subtrees can not be connected, that is good and useful. All the Best!
  16. Hi! The new Curve Snapping is brilliant! Using curves as guide for complicated geometry: To get 3d curves under control is not yet easy. Try to make a curve straight with tangents. The Snap for Tangent Points is still projected: -If Working Plane is on, the curve should stay on plane. (the other way round) In that case projected snapping between viewport, working plane and curve makes sense. Working with curves feels much better IMHO, thank you!
  17. Hi! How many polygons does your mesh have? I would definitely start in the sculpt room with import. In Sculpt Room you can work on parts of dense meshes without single poly editing. good for scans. In the adjust section there are good tools for cleaning and repair. You might also voxelise parts to get rid of really bad knots in the mesh. You could also reduce the polycount before using 3dcoat and split up the dense mesh. In my last scan I only used 12 million polys for a small figure which is not much but working on my 'old' computer. Here is a cool workflow from realitycapture to 3dcoat: I hope it helps!
  18. Hi! Duplicated Curves get the same Names. Please turn off auto extension/connection for new curves (then becoming one curve). Very often wrong curves and even wrong sides of a curve are connected. This is very possible if more then 2 curves end at the same coordinates. Greetings!
  19. @Gorbatovsky C'mon guys, let's go curve snapping! I know you can do it!
  20. Hello! The Modelling Room I had successful test with the 3d curve snapping in conjunction with the Swan Surface Tool! But now the curve snapping is loosing its track like before. I cant get it back to work by restart 3dcoat or a new file. Could you check that? Snap to curve and Curve point is turned on. -There should generally be an option to turn of the automatic non manifold deletion of faces. It causes uneccesary holes when stiching faces together and no possibility to merge edges by hand. -If you make a new polygroup, and add polygons snapping to border edges of another polygroup, 3dcoat tries to merge them. There is no way of having separate objects touching at one vertex/edge/face. This is bad because you cant snap to existing edges if you want to build other parts with matching edges. It would be a great basic helper if there would be snap-able Null Object/Emptys for reference, and alignment for (PolyVertices and CurveVertices, Objects). It would be fantastic if polygons could snap to curves with Add/Split, Quads, Points to Poly tool. All the best!
  21. Hi Everybody. In the sculptroom, radial symmetry does only work for sphere, capsule and torus. Me too .4o Greetings!
  22. Voxelpaint is really fantastic! Cubic mapping for voxel primitives would be great, in sculpt room.
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