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  1. Hi. I just tried coat .25 Variable Bevel Radius is also possible, I didn't know. Nice!
  2. Hi. I tried to make a short summary to get Applink working for Blender. 1. Right now April 2022, there is no need for the forked version. 2. There are a lot of folders for Applink. I try to clarify the dependencies in the Image. The most important file/folders seem to be ->'documents\3DC2Blender\exchange_folder.txt' ->'documents\Applinks\3D-Coat\Exchange\' Look If you have the same or similar folders. If Applink is not working, then one of the files is maybe pointing to wrong or outdated direction. 3. Open Blender and make sure 3DC Plugin is enabled. Then look on the right for scene properties. There you can set the exchange Folder, which should be: C:\Users\'Username'\Documents\Applinks\3D-Coat\Exchange\. The other 'Object/Texture' Field can be left empty. 4. Open 3DCoat, we take Modelling Room. 5. Back in Blender select the fancy Cube. In the 3D View 'Applink Window' select 'Retopo mesh as new layer' and Send. 6. In 3D Coat you should now see the placement arrow. Scale it Up or Down to see if something arrived in Coat and hit Apply. There should now be a new layer named '__something'. 7. If you get so far then there should be 'Export to Blender' under File. If 3DCoat asks for a filename it is working. The Folder should already be 'ApplinkObjects'. 8. Choose Name and use fbx format. 9. In Blender hit 'GetBack' from Retopo This should be it for now. I hope it works
  3. Hi! I just made first successful USD export with more then 0 Bytes! I don't really get what is usd completly, but this could mean alot in case of scene traversal and Applink progress, right?
  4. @allanmrtn Hi. Did you try to send something from blender to 3dcoat first and hit apply, to wake it up?
  5. Hi! @Mack I use Blender Daily builds, so Its working. In Blender set Exchange folder to C:\Users\'Username'\Documents\AppLinks\3D-Coat\Exchange\ The new command is in 3D Coat.21 -File- 'Export Voxel/Retopo/.. Mesh to Blender'. In Blender hit the matching 'get back' button. example: get back- retopo mesh. Sometimes you have to send Blenders Cube to 3Dcoat first, to wake it up. Don't forget to hit the apply/enter button in 3Dcoat (like with other tools) I also had hard times with this, but it is stable for a long time now.
  6. Hello 3DCoat Team! Export to Blender is working consistently in all Rooms! Well done, thank you! Happy easter and all the best.
  7. Thank you for the new build! It always make me really happy and exited to see. 'Use environment variable "COAT_USER_PATH" to get rid of extra folders inside your "HOME/Documents" Could you give us a little more information, which ones can be deleted, and which are important as example for Applink? (How is it ment) All the best!!
  8. Hi! Of course. Here you go! To see the Export Button you need to have Blender +Applink activated. And for testing in Blender set Exchange folder to C:\Users\'Username'\Documents\AppLinks\3D-Coat\Exchange\
  9. Thank you for .13 release! 'Export Poly Mesh To' function inside Retopo/Modeling does not export. The other Rooms work very well with Blender 3.2. Keep up the good work.
  10. Hi. First, I hope everybody is healthy wherever they are. 1. These tools are double in symbol mode. Clay and Lute. They are even double highlighted when selected. 2. In the Retopo Room, I have a Model with hundreds of edges marked as sharp. Sharp edge tool in 'Tweak' section, does not support Rectangle Selection (I think it should). Then I found in the 'Selected' Tools there is a clear sharp tool, which works fine. Thank you!
  11. .07 Build Core-Api ''3DCoat as semi-open-source constructor to make your custom tools and everything that you may imagine" That is a very good Idea!
  12. Hi! I imported a retopo mesh and was about to clean the mesh, everything went fine. Now it suddenly faces are missing. Every second Triangle is gone on some Parts. Edit: I found out, the mesh has non-manifold data. And If I delete some selected face on one polygroup, all faces on the whole model have automaticly been removed. I didnt notice that and I didnt want that either. -I wanted to repair it. All of the Mesh functions should only work on the selected polygroup. Remove Holes, quadrify etc.
  13. Hi. The 'near plane Modulator' in Viewport does not work. At least in the modeling room, there is no change.
  14. Hi all! Now There are really double tools in the Clay/Draw Palette. As you can see in the picture. So I agree with @ludo_si. Example: Clamp layer Depth in the Paintroom does nothing. 3DCoat can do so many things! A bit of decluttering and structure would be really good. A default room setting for startup would be nice! Freezing and Unfreezing is good in .05! Black Mask, very good to see. How about masking for voxel brushes, is that possible? Greetings to all.
  15. Hitting CANCEL in every Dialogue in 3dCoat takes much more time compared to hitting SAVE or OK. Why? Greetings!
  16. Hi. I would like to share my experiences with smartmaterials shortly. Exr files work fine for Depth Painting! But you have to set the 'locked depth' something like a hundred times bigger to work. If I compare in my case the depth.jpg with depth.exr, I have to set the 'locked depth' of the jpg to 0.5, whereas the exr file has to be set around 50 to get a compareable result. (The result btw. is less noise which is very good, so it works!) One funny thing is, when you press the unlock button, the preview to the right shows correct displacement, and when you press lock, it flips to the wrong side again. It would be nice if the exr file preview would work. But I mentioned that already. When you Import Materials, you have to create and select the folder before to get it in the right place. Thank you. 02. is great so far!
  17. I think they will reupp 96 later again. Its not there right now.
  18. Hi. -Could you please check .exr files as Displacement in Smart Materials? (no depth) 3dcoat always pick's it from the Quixel zip, and I've to change to jpg. -It would be cool if new shaders and Smartmaterials land in a newly created folder, lets say 'new' or 'downladed'. They are not easy to find if many materials are in Default. Thank you so much!
  19. Welcome back! When you are asking, We were talking about 'sticky keys'. I've noticed, if you use the freeze tool in Sculpt Mode, in sticky mode (hold keypressed) and paintselect, my Palettes on the right start to jitter around. Otherwise I'm fine.
  20. Hi! I'm just playing around with SmartMaterials and Shaders. Paintroom: exr files for depth channel just shows black image and its also not working for painting depth. Jpg works fine. I join the Ctrl+Shift option for freeze party and I also didn't know what the sticky keys really do until now. Have a nice weekend you all!
  21. >>3DCoat-2021-94 >>Sat Jan 22 22:21:17 2022 +0200 >>- Much much better quality of Copy clay. Correct seamless merging the shape, CTRL to negate the shape. It works well in both - voxel and surface mode. >>- Tool "Smart Extrude" is modified. Snapping of Edges if defining by "Auto Snap". Smart Retopo-> Mesh frequency can modify by "Ctrl + Mouse Wheel". >>- Copy clay does not switch from voxels to surface after getting to other tool, it voxelizes the resulting surface. Of course this tool in general is far from perfect, especially >>for voxels, needs complete re-making. >>- The lasso in E-panel got "relaxation" parameter for more accurate contours. In addition, the cut edge become perfectly smooth with the lasso. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copy clay has really improved. Yes, at some point a pure Voxel Tool would be best. But for now it is really useable tool. You guys do amazing work! Thanks.
  22. Yes. Basicly a list where you can find which key is already in use. My dream would be an Input configurator like in flight simulators. You could bind Keys, Mouse, Joystick Buttons, Axis, any kind of hid devices and every fancy combination between.
  23. Sorry.. again about copy clay. I can't figure out, sometimes the copied parts are not merged to the surface, they stay patches above the surface. At that point the mesh is not repairable. This happens in voxel and surface mode. The depth settings for this tool are also behaving a bit strange. and Flip doesn't work. -------------------- edit: I found out that creating an alpha brush from .obj is much more stable and faster for copying high frequeny details.
  24. Hi. -In Voxel Mode- The Copy Clay Tool changes the model to Surface Mode after leaving the tool. This not good because I work on a large voxel Model, and I often convert by accident. there is a workaround, you can switch to an empty layer, before you exit the Copy ClayTool. Then the 'big' model stays in Vox Mode. I find the tool very useful for cloning small parts of scanned patterns. I like to work in Vox Mode so the surface cant get screwed. Thank you!