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  1. Ahh. You are right! Then it is not working. If you pick the select tool before starting curve edit, it works fine. So It is the underlying tool which keeps the curve freehand tool from working. Greetings
  2. Thats strange. This time one my side its working fine. I now use the Autoupdater. You could try deleting data and ..userpref\preferences folder under documents\3dcoat-2021 to purge old settings. That helpted me before on another problem. @Carlosan snap to surface is turned on.
  3. @Yousung Hi! You have to Click (hold) and Drag, like painting. It works for me in .53, ..actually it is really good, somehow fluid. (Edit: Maybe it was already fixed in 53. So I dont know if this was your issue)
  4. 'SOLVED: No screen refresh when changing window size.' @Andrew Shpagin HA!! You are a Genius. That actually worked. How did you know that? Thank you Andrew!
  5. @Andrew Shpagin I figured out it has nothing to do with the shader settings, but can be triggered by that. It is a screen refresh problem that I have. I can restore the whole 3dcoat window by reloading the scene. Maybe it is also only related to nvidias mobile gtx 1070,1080.. series. For now saving and reloading is okay. Thank you
  6. Just a short addition, as explanation. When I start 3DCoat2021.37,38 windowed, and then try to maximize, the screen is not refreshing. It looks like in the Picture. To try that you have to first open 3dcoat, make it windowed, close 3dcoat again, and reopen. If I try to scale the Window bigger I get black borders. Does that happen to somebody else?
  7. @Andrew Shpagin It happens almost always. Steps are: 1. create a Voxel Primitive in Sculpt 2. assign a shader with texture 3. edit current or permanent shader settings 4.click edit texture, choose texture or hit cancel 5.click okay Result is: 3DCoat is still working, but the screen is only refreshing in the lower left. There is one other thing. If I start 3DCoat in a smaller window and then try to maximize, I also get the same black borders. Its not refreshing to the new borders of the program window. This somehow seems connected. I have a notebook with nvidia gtx 1070, latest driver 471.68, 3DCoat2021.38 I will try to go to an earlier version to check if it worked earlier. What I know is, I don't have this in 4.9.72 Thank you for your attention.
  8. Hi there! Editing the Shader settings crashes my Viewport in Sculpt Room. Windows, 3Dcoat 2021.36
  9. Since there are no dx versions or 32bit users you can rename 3DCoatGL64 to 3DCoat2021_buildver. I am very happy that you released 2021. It has a great potential! Don't hide. All the best, Niklas
  10. Booleans in Modelling are pretty good! No crashes. I also like that it is working the same way as in sculpt mode. Continuity, great! Thumbsup
  11. Hi. Yes! I already posted this earlier. Now there are a new rooms like modelling, and i propose to split up the hotkeys per room. My left hand has only five fingers and I can't to do a spagat aiming for operators like shift+ctrl+alt+numpad for the whole application. It needs to be simple and fluid. I think you may have overidden your hokey with another room?
  12. What I was trying to show was, if you turn off 'Auto Orient' the Sweep jumps directly to the Profile. So it is already in place. For me that works better for precise alignment. You can also move the Profile interactivly. Form Z.. when I was studiing architecture some students were using it. Great program. (And for precision it could be good if the Curve points could snap to poly vertices or edges)
  13. Do you mean something like curve snap to vertex? Could be good. This is what I got when fiddling around.
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