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  1. Coat 2024.20 Hi! Moving tweak tools to paint is a good solution for now! Thank you. It is really good for some quick tweaking. Better Function, and and one room less. Double Score! The Rectangle Select is a little bit broken. All the Best
  2. Hi folks! In Blender they changed their Add on Structure to extensions . But this is good, because: This means @Andrew Shpagin can now directly upload the newest applink to the Extensions Website. So maybe that will end the problem with parallel Applink versions, from blender and coat. ATM The included/downloaded Addon from Blender 4.2beta upwards or 3Dcoat do not work, so: I made Applink work with the new Blender Extensions: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- coat_applink_extension_for_42beta.zip Blenders folder for Applink is now: C:\Users\*USER*\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\4.2\extensions\blender_org\coat_applink\ <only for testing purposes, but it does work!!> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Export from Blender to Sculpt,Retopo, and Paint working. I have already reported an applink paint bug earlier. The Object sometimes is un-paint-able, although remapping. -"Open in Original App" (to Blender) working. Blender does not respond to "Export To" Button!! would be nice if it does. @ the developers, the main changes are: io_coat3D import nodes ====> from .import nodes, including all the other imports from io_coat3D group_tree.outputs.new("NodeSocketColor", "Color") ===> group_tree.interface.new_socket(name='Color', in_out='OUTPUT', socket_type='NodeSocketColor') also in tex.py, json adress: json_address = os.path.join( os.path.expanduser('~'), 'AppData', 'Roaming', 'Blender Foundation', 'Blender', f"{bpy.app.version[0]}.{bpy.app.version[1]}", 'extensions', 'blender_org', 'coat_applink', 'data.json' All the Best.
  3. Ok, can you try once more? Here the original blender cube. blcube.3b Use PPP without Baking or with, doesn't matter. Turn all Depth, Gloss, Color on. Paint over the diagonal of the faces. As if it would be triangulated. Now you should see something like i posted. Uh and when i turn to low poly it gets screwed. key[6] The cube was imported using applink.
  4. Hello People! Long time no see. Im still having trouble with PPP Mode painting. There is this Border created over Triangles. But It is a pure quad mesh. All the best! PS: I found only solution, with subdivision, catmull on, and hard edges set manually. That makes it go away.
  5. Oh this is confusing sorry. -Yes, Open in External App part is working! But the "export to" works a little different. It should: 1.ask for a filename, 2.popup in Blender. But it doesn't.
  6. Hi. The script was for when the button " Export To" is missing. The Script works, the Button is there, it exports. The Auto-reception in Blender does not work! Maybe someone from the staff could give some hint. All the best!
  7. Hi! @Deano CYes!! That is indeed a good idea. Too much automatism makes it incredibly hard to follow what is going wrong. Especially if it fails. Simplify is the way to go. 3DCoat could print 'error' output things like folders easily. In a way the user knows something is wrong at that place !!! I see a lot of evolution in 'USD', so maybe you should try it. In the most circumstances you wont need applink at all, but I'd also like it to work. All the best for all of you!
  8. Hi Carlosan!! I had my great time up to maya 8.5, 2007-8 that was before aces, then i left maya, Duncan Brinsmeads Fluids etc that was soo cool. How can he switch between? I have to try. Thank you for your perfect finding.
  9. Well for me it does actually not work, because I have Ocio Aces Colorprofiles in use. I still hope that Applink can handle this in the future. I dont know Is anybody still using ACES for VFX production today? Anyhow if you use ACES color-correction profiles in Blender, Applink or Blender still does not know what to do with the textures. TypeError: bpy_struct: item.attr = val: enum "Non-Color" not found in ('ACES - ACES2065-1', 'ACES - ACEScc', 'ACES - ACEScct', 'ACES - ACEScg', 'ACES - ACESproxy', 'Input - ADX - ADX10', 'Input - ADX
  10. Did you copy the new files from C:\Program Files\3DCoat-2023\data\ToolsPresets\InstallAppLinks\Blender\files to your actual Blender folder? I use the breakiest Blender Alpha Versions most of the time, for now 4.2 alpha I dont use the installed versions, because i sometimes fetch each day a fresh version, and then I just copy that files to that Download Folder. C:\Users\ME\Downloads\blender-4.2.0-alpha+main.2d5a83f2941f-windows.amd64-release\4.2\scripts\addons\io_coat3D And it works! So it is not Blender 4. But if it is working for your Blender 3, then you could look if something is pointing to blender ver3 maybe. All the best!
  11. For the Imported Blender Cube. Now pre-subdivided by previous import. In 0.16 In Paint Room the NormalMap get a strange banding. This Happens with Brush and Airbrush. Pen Tool is OK. Hard to explain. Please import in Paint Room for PPP and paint on this Box. no subdivision. test.fbx
  12. Hi! Thank you for the flat subdivision in PPP!! I have a very special topic for Applink. For people who use OCIO ACES configuration in Blender. Applink tries to create Non-Color mode Nodes which Blender wont find. We only have this types: Non-color = "Utility-Raw" / "role-Data" HRDI/EXR = "Utility - Linear - sRGB" Textures = "Input - Generic - sRGB - Texture" / "role_matte_paint" I was not able to fix that in the json file of Applink. Maybe you can add a "small" fix for compatibility?
  13. Yes Its out already! check the "AutoUpdater" under docs\3dCoat\data
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