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  1. Edit: Now I realized, I can login to pilgway.com site, when I come back to 3dcoat site, I seem to be logged in. I think there are 2 different sites. Login with google on pilgway.com is working. I'm not sure, but friends who have problems with the site can try pilgway.com instead of 3dcoat.com.
  2. I logged in with Google. But the session was closed against my will and I can no longer login with google. Google gives authorization error. It was working in the morning, it's not working now. I also want to create a new password because I don't have a password. After entering my e-mail address in the password reminder section, it gives 404 page not found error.
  3. I think there are too many bugs on the site that need to be fixed. Ajax is used but problems seem to occur such as browser incompatibilities or overloading. I think it is necessary to report bugs and give them some more time to fix.
  4. Why not use True instead of False. If it reads FALSE, it is working. Otherwise, he would have written. It appears when you refresh the page.
  5. It gives a new license every time I press the confirm button. There seems to be a big problem. Shouldn't there be only 1 license? Currently, 5 different license numbers have been added. The v4 license still appears in my profile. Anybody else having the same problem? When I pressed the first confirm button, the window did not close and there was no notification. So I pressed the button a few times and nothing happened. When I refreshed the page, I saw that there were many licenses. Or do pilgway give you buy 1, get 4 free
  6. I believe it will be a good program and I have no regrets. I purchased the pro version on steam to get the new version. I am preparing a web system with PHP myself and I had to deliver it to my clients 5 months ago. Programming is a really difficult process, and nobody should blame anyone for taking it too long.
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